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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

I have exactly one darkroom copy of Promenade Central Park, left (16 x 20 inches on 20 x 24 mat : $195).  It is #126 of 126.  If you are interested, please e-mail me, otherwise I'm going to put it up on eBay in a couple of days.  As I've mentioned, I will do the print again digitally at some point, but probably at 11 x 14 inches.

8:30:01 PM    

Runner, Central Park Reservoir

Runner In The Rain, Central Park Reservoir : 11/24/04

2:56:43 PM    

Thanks to:

- George Bush for winning again.  This drove me over the edge, causing me to chuck the t.v. (which I had been contemplating) into the garbage.  Since that day, I have lost track of most of what is going on in the news, and have been much happier.  If the big one comes, I may not know about it since I've mostly been listening to sports radio and they don't generally have news about anything other than who beat who up or started what riot in the arena.  These stories are comforting compared to what I imagine is happening in other parts of the world.

- Everyone who recommended the Epson 2200.   I am looking for an engagement ring to offer it right now.

- I give thanks for being able to live in two centuries.  Remember, most of my neurons were formed in the last century.   No t.v.  No internet.  Man, there was hardly anything.  And now, in this, my fifth decade, I find myself with a foot in each century.  And I am thankful for being able to stand so, without toppling.  Glad to have memories of falling asleep listening to the radio, and being able to publish this for the world - or a small part of it to read.

- Friends and family who have been so supportive these last few years.  Throw yourself on the mercy of those around you - and put your faith in providence.  Do what you do best. What is the line about the Lillies of the Field? 

12:26:36 PM