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Monday, November 22, 2004

The artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude's installation of 7,500 gates in Central Park will begin next week, it was announced yesterday.

"The Gates," as they are called, will be festooned with saffron-colored fabric panels and will line 23 miles of pedestrian paths from Feb. 12 to 27. They are being made in Queens and are nearly finished. The artists say they have been working on the project for 20 years. - New York Times

8:54:23 PM    

That is about as fast a turnaround as you will ever see from me.  Empire State with Wires was shot yesterday morning.  I  printed it.  Made corrections.  And put it up for sale today.  I like the leaves on the left which are actually a third focal plane - i.e. before the wires and think they are necessary to give depth to the print. 

The only thing that is sharp are the wires.  If you are interested in getting a nice full shot of the Empire State Building - this isn't it.  The building is half in fog, and on top of that, out-of-focus so that even the part that is there is fading away.

2:14:08 PM