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Sunday, November 14, 2004

And if you really run out of murders and the like in Utah, here's a story that should be explored:

Naked man jumps into Bronx Zoo reptile pit

"An apparently emotionally disturbed man stripped naked and jumped into an exhibit with two young caimans at the Bronx Zoo Friday afternoon, police said.

[Note the careful police jargon: apparently emotionally disturbed.  What part of this behavior did the police have difficulty categorizing?  Stripping naked in the House of Darkness, or Jumping In to commune with gators?]

"It was not immediately clear what prompted the man, who paid full admission, to commune with the caimans." - Daily News

[It was not immediately clear?  And why did they throw in the line about full admission?  This fellow was trying to get his full money's worth?  He had money?  Huh?]

"He was sitting on his butt with his knees up and his head between them as if preparing for a bomb scare," said Rouse. - NY Post

"Detective Thomas Longa trained an M-4 machine gun on both critters in case they went into attack mode." - NY Post

[No comment, other than the fact that you can count on the New York Post to use the words butt  and critter whenever they are stupified.  Hey, Joe - did any of them critters eat the guy?]

8:40:04 PM    


The single best block in NYC: 103rd street between Lex and Fifth.   Walk west until you get to the Secret Garden section of Central Park and see if you can find the spot where the picture below of the dancing girls in sprinkler was taken.  Easiest way to get there, take the 6 local train and get off at 103rd street.  On the way to the park you will find a fascinating structure that carries the railroad - sorry, but I don't know what you call this stone and mortar thing - is a viaduct?  Or is a viaduct only to carry water.  Is it a trestle...  Anyway, you'll see what I mean.  And you when you walk through one of the arches, take a deep breath - what a lovely smell of stale urine.  Anyway - soon you'll be in the park and the crumbling steps will be replaced by a manicured garden.  [I guess it's my turn to play tour guide]

3:31:30 PM    

Central Park

Hands and Sprinkler, Central Park

3:18:47 PM    

NYC Fair
At The Fair (Veteran's Day)

9:13:31 AM