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Saturday, November 13, 2004

Buddy: I'm ready for my close-up Mr. Beckerman but you'd better make it fast as I think I just heard a mouse by the radiator.  And another thing, you don't need to use all that backlight for me, I'm beautiful as is.  I'll give you one more second then I'm off to investigate that noise.  Okay, that's it.  Your freakin' time is up, mister.

7:06:00 PM    



In case anyone cares, this was shot with the 100mm f2 wide open and with some blur applied afterwards because it was a bit too sharp (although I'm not totally convinced the blur was necessary); with my floor standing 75 watt lamp in front of Barrett and the lamp on my worktable behind for a bit of what we used to call hair light.

I find, that unless you are photographing a professional model, nobody knows quite what to do with their eyes; how to look; maybe that's my fault as I don't really know what to tell them, so after a couple of shots I asked Barrett to turn to profile so I wouldn't have to deal with that, or with reflections off the glasses. 

- - -


Barrett, just another note from yesterday.  Yes, when shooting in RAW mode there are a lot of times when the camera is writing and I get the BUSY signal and I keep pressing the shutter waiting for it to finally go; and I've missed a few shots because of that BUSY signal. 

This morning, dropped down at Gothic Cabinet where a friend has the 20D and did some tests with that in RAW mode.  Absolutely no problem compared to the 300D and the focus is way faster.  He actually had the motor drive on, which I didn't care for weight-wise; but other than that - let's see how I do with my taxes this year.  In short: I want one.

1:36:53 PM    

Now that Scott Peterson has been found guilty - what was it about this case that warranted the tens of thousands of news hours?  And I'm asking this seriously.  Obviously, this is not news in the sense of something that has a direct effect on anyone outside the immediate family.  I understand that.  It is a good story that viewers want to tune in to like a soap opera and find out what happened.  It is a mystery with the other woman, and the anchors and all that. 

I can't write too cogently about it since every time it did flit across the screen, which was often, I changed the channel.  And I have nothing against a good juicy story - but the characters in this were never more than big cyphers to me. 

A guy killed his pregnant wife so that he could be with his girlfriend.  I guess there was more to it.  They were all just so happy together and appeared to be the perfect family?

Isn't that always what they say about the murderer?  What a quiet guy he was.  Who would have thunk it?

Or was it the way she was killed and the body washing up on shore?  Come on down to the East River folks, happens every day.

Maybe they don't have that many murders out there - was it Utah?  But every time I turn around there's some sort of murder in Utah.  Big books have been written about it by people like Norman Mailer.  So that can't be the surprise.

So honestly.  If you can - explain it to me because I just don't get it.

11:10:38 AM    

B. came by and I gave him the rest of my HP5; and after some camera talk I asked him if he'd mind sitting for a portrait, and he said no problem, and this time I think I got at least one very good one of him.  Will post later if he doesn't mind.

As far as my self-portrait goes, I think it has that Desolation Row feel to it, which I like.  I was looking around for my old cowboy hat, but couldn't find it.  Definitely going for that Dylan at the Oscars look.  You know, all of a sudden he shows up with this thin moustache.  Maybe you need to be Dylan to carry that off, or maybe nobody but John Prine can really do it these days.

Anyway - business remains good - I woke up this morning to find two new orders in the in-box.  Yikes.  Gotta go.  Cat's runnin' around from the bathroom to the window like a maniac. He used to do this a lot when I first got him but not much lately.  He was just sitting on my lap while I was - oh no - could he have gotten a look at the portrait!  Buddy - relax - it's just a look I was - ouch - there he goes to the window looking for a way out.

"Hey, crawl out your window!
C'mon, don't say I didn't warn you.
You can come back here anytime you want to!" - Dylan

This is from memory so I might have gotten it a little mixed up but it's something like that.

7:14:28 AM