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Friday, November 12, 2004

Self Portrait #9096

I suppose I look like a criminal in his lair, what with the moustache and the dark glasses.  But I wanted some sort of persona to hide behind and I really don't like my eyes.  I tried smiling but I can't smile on a dime.  I look like some character from a French existentialist novel, except that I'm not smoking.  I had to give that up.  Well, you know what, it's not that bad.  That's pretty much what I look like.  It's not as sober in color, but I'll stick with the monochrome.

5:56:49 PM    

World Disney
World Disney

- - -

So winter is on the way.  Today it is rainy.  I'm starting to think about taking the 300D (D-Rebel) out in bad weather.  I know it's not weatherproofed but I'm thinking of getting a clear plastic bag, poking a hole through it for the lens and the viewfinder, , maybe a bit of tape and out I go.  I mean, I can't do anything about the thing getting cold, unless I make a fur jacket for it, but I should be able to keep it from getting too wet.

OR: MAYBE SOMEONE MAKES LITTLE RAINCOATS FOR DSLRs with VELCRO?  I'll bet someone does.  If not, what a great idea.

If you have the 20D - are you comfortable taking it out in bad weather?  Or are you debating that.  And I mean bad weather.

11:07:27 AM