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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Shish Kebob

Boy on Police Motorcycle (Veteran's Day Parade, 2004)

Here come the black and whites
Here come the motorcycles
Listen to those engines roar
Now they're doin' tricks for the children
Oh they look so nice
Looks like angels have come down from Paradise
Jolly Coppers On Parade

Oh, mama
That's the life for me
When I'm grown
That's what I'm gonna be

(Randy Newman, Jolly Coppers on Parade, Album: Little Criminals)

7:13:01 PM    

Shish Kebob

Foot Long Shish-Ke-Bob

4:03:21 PM    

Orders are coming in at about one or two a day (which really is a lot).  And unlike in the old days when I would start cursing when orders arrived (as much as I need the money) - these days I say, oh, well there's one that I haven't scanned yet.  Okay, let's get that negative scanned and start working on the print.

In other words, I look forward to doing a new digital version.  And the cat seems to appreciate the lack of fumes as well.

The thing is - with both feet in the digital world now - it is such much easier to gain expertise in this arena.  For example, a lot of what I'm doing is scanning in negatives of various sizes from 35mm to 4 x 5 inch.  In the old days, I never really took the trouble to learn the ins and outs of the Epson 1600 with the transparency carrier, but I spent some time with it over the last few weeks and really got some good scans of 4 x 5 negatives.  I ended up scanning them in as color negatives with the most bits the driver was capable of in the RGB channels - and got myself a nice 200 MB file which I then process with the Power Retouch B&W filter and I got some damned good results. 

I've done Subway Car Interior, Night Storm, and Promenade with this method and gotten very good prints on the Photorag paper.

At any rate, if the whole year was as busy as this, I could live in the manner that I should have become accustomed to but never quite did.

10:02:09 AM    

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