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Saturday, November 06, 2004

Instant Leaf Fossil

Here's my theory: it rained yesterday and the autumn leaves were pressed against the sidewalk.  Then the next day, the winds come along, very unusual winds of 40 miles per hour and more and whip the leaves off the sidewalk leaving these instant transfer prints.  Of course, nobody saw them, but these images were plastered all over the New York sidewalks this morning. 

5:30:46 PM    

I ran into my neighbor yesterday who asked as she was walking downstairs: Did you recover yet?

I had seen her standing on line to vote that bright morning.  But I didn't realize at first what she was talking about and then realized and said: No.  I haven't.

Door closed as our paths crossed in the twilight and I understood that there were a lot of us that were walking around a little shell shocked.  It's not so much that we lost, but the reason that we lost: family values. 

That night as I tossed and turned, the red states were forming into a big cauldron like object that was eating the map of the U.S.

And voices were making up titles for the fermenting image: Dawn of the Red; The Red Zone; various switching around of Red and Dead.  Better Dead than RED was the old slogan but now it had become our slogan. 

But how did they get the red color for their very own?  Wouldn't gray - as in Johnny Reb gray - have been a better choice?

Was the South finally rising again to seek it's revenge?  Dawn of the Red.  Yes, it has been over one-hundred and fifty years in the making but the South has risen again - and this time they are out for blood.  Only a southerner can drive a stake through their hearts.

Seriously though - blue makes sense for the Union States.  Why red for the Republican states? 

And so - to make it brief - I'm not over it yet.  Not recovered.  Tomorrow is marathon day in New York.  The city that was hit by terror and the city that overwhelmly voted for the Dem.  Go figure.  Oh, yeah, that's right - it wasn't about terror; wasn't about Iraq; wasn't about the economy; it was about - family values.  In other words, the morality of the country has gotten so bad - that our own moral conduct is more important than pocketbook issues or even whether the war on terror is being handled correctly.  Okay.  Actually, that might make sense, now that I think about it.

This is a morally screwed-up nation.  Maybe not in the way the 100 percenters think though. 

11:34:43 AM    

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