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Monday, November 01, 2004


Trick Or Treat



Ghost Rider

You might notice that there are no pictures of the parade itself.  I did try to get over to watch it but on 6h and 14th street it was a major crush, to the point that I couldn't move around.  Anyway, I usually do better on the sidelines where you can approach people.  And although I've never liked this holiday - I have to admit that I began to enjoy it last night.  I realized what it was about - death and eros (at least to me).  Driving out the fears of death that winter brings by in a sense, becoming dead through masks and costumes.  And on the erotic side - a chance to cast off death through a display of the creative forces.

3:10:04 PM    

Last night was the first time I shot an event in RAW mode.  Only hang-up was that I definitely need to pick up larger Compact Flash cards.  I had originally bought a few 512 KB cards which were fine while I was shooting in JPG mode - but I went through all my cards last night.  I'm thinking I'll go for two more 1 GB cards, though maybe I should go for 2 GB cards.  Don't know.  I still have a store credit to use at B&H for $250 from some equipment I turned in a few weeks ago.

But I really didn't run into any problems in terms of speed between shots.  Also, the D300 had it's problems focusing in the dark, even with the flash doing some of the focusing.  So I did a bunch of things manual focus.  Again, not really a big deal.  But it's one of those things that I've read work better with the 20D.

The photos I posted so far were not carefully tuned in RAW.  Just fast and dirty until I see what is worth printing.  But I do feel more comfortable shooting RAW now than I used to.  You have the feeling that if you do get something worthwhile, you've got your best chance at making a good print from it.

- - -

As far as covers for some of the equipment such as the 2200, I ended up just getting some large black garbage bags, and with a little tape, they fit nicely over the equipment.  Cost: $2.49 for 8 bags.

2:26:22 PM    


Nosferatu on the #6 Train

11:33:04 AM    


Martha on Subway

11:21:48 AM    


Bike in Air, Union Square

So who knows what the store in the background is - that looks like some inferno.  It's on 14th street across from Union Square, and it is all brilliantly lit glass.  I honestly don't remember the name.

10:57:48 AM    

Just a note on technique from last night: I used flash for everythng.  One of the things I wanted to prevent was that real "flash at night" look.  You know, the background is black and the subject is really lit.  The mummy shot was a challenge since he was all in white.  But I used the same technique as I used for all the shots which was to shoot with a fast lens, at ISO 400, at least f2.0 and in some cases f1.4, in aperature priority mode, with the flash compensation turned down 3/4 of a stop and wherever possible to try and find spots where there was at least some street lighting.  This worked out really well, although there are a couple of fascinating shots that I'll post later where there is some fast movement (I did a bunch of skateboarders) where you get this effect of the background being exposed properly, as well as the skateboarders, but you can sort of see through them as they fly through the frame.

8:15:43 AM    


Kissing the Mummy

7:50:40 AM