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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

central park

Sax Player

This was also shot with the D300 and then manipulated with the RAW controls.  I used a tripod; the 200mm wide open; and given that he was wearing a black jacket and black hat, I took an exposure off the gray pavement in manual mode.  Before I began, I put a $10 bill in his sax case.  That is a lot for me to give away, but I got it from my sister for some babysitting yesterday and so it felt like a good thing to do karma-wise and he was very appreciative.  The only thing I said to him before I began shooting was: "Here's ten bucks.  Just ignore me."  To which he said: You got it, man.

6:13:40 PM    

central park

Boat, Central Park Lake

This is another experiment with the Calibrate tab in Camera RAW.  One thing I can assure you - the original shot, taken this morning, has very little in common with this rendition.  Should I post the before and after - or maybe no one really cares. In case you are wondering, I'm trying to get the look of some of the early color movies, some of which were hand-painted.

central park

Here is the full color version with minimal corrections.

- - -

I printed this tonight.  Very moving to me.  The original shot was all that autumn spendor that everyone loves: yellows, oranges, brightness all over and I turned this into a sad bygone moment and it talks to me when I hold the print.  Yes, I took a nice cheery scene and managed to turn it into something gothic.  I'm staring at the two characters in the boat and expecting one of them to go overboard any moment. 

4:49:01 PM    

central park

Bouquet, Poet's Walk, Central Park

I went out to do some color work with the Autumn colors and came across this bouquet at the north side of Poet's Walk in Central Park. 

1:28:05 PM    

You know that I'm an atheist, but I am also a theist.  I am not an agnostic.  I am a theist and an atheist at the same time.  I am sure that God, as expressed by various religious writings doesn't exist, but I am not so sure that some God or spiritual entity or entities that are not fully understood by us doesn't exist and so you can see why, with thinking like that I am voting for Kerry.  (Okay, that is a cheap shot, but I couldn't resist tossing in a bit of politics since all the marketing folks advise you not to mention politics or relgion in your blog if you want to sell some product.) 

Let me try and make that clearer, although I'm not sure that I can.  I am not saying that science needs to discover the spiritual - because the two things just don't see each other.  And I have had spiritual experiences.  But these experiences have not happened within the confines of structured religions - neither Jewish, nor Christian, nor any other type which has been written down by mortal man.  But I have had moments that cannot be explained by science, and cannot be explained by drug use either.

One example: just about to step off a curb to cross a street.  I had looked both ways.  As I was about to step off I heard a voice - a deep voice (I'm not making this up) - saying 'watch out.'  Actually I don't remember what the voice said but it was some sort of warning.  Don't worry fans, I have never heard that voice again.  Oh, and when I did hear the voice I stepped quickly back onto the curb as a speeding truck came by and a couple of people near me gasped.  The truck had run a light.

So I guess you call that a premonition.  And I have had lots of them - though never with that voice.  Can you explain that with religion or science?  I'm not sure.  But you can say that I believe in things that cannot be explained and that there is more in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in all your reading and writing.

10:45:02 AM