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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

central park

Trees in Snow, Central Park

This is another of those old shots that I was not happy with as a darkroom print, but with a little manipulation, and actually accenting the grain which is already pretty pronounced, it works.

3:16:47 PM    


Portrait, Two Doors

Metal sheets they put on to prevent scuffing of the church doors.  Speaking of church doors, I am getting requests to do weddings.  I could definitely use the money - but I don't think I'm going to without a second backup camera.  Also - I've probably watched (guilty pleasure) The Peoples Court too often.  Every week there's some poor couple up there suing their wedding photographer.  Lots of tears.  This was our only wedding.  Once in a lifetime.  Well, how much did you pay the photographer?  $500.  And what did you expect?  But the pictures are all under- you know - under done. 

And the last episode really had me laughing.  The wedding photographer was hit on the head with the limo door - suffered a concussion and continued to shoot the once-in-a-lifetime wedding (how many weddings are once-in-a-lifetime anymore anyway).  So the photographer is seeing double during the wedding and has blood coming down her forehead - and somehow or other the pictures come out - well, they come out under- under developed.  And they wind up in, duh duh: The People's Court.

Anyway - that's my wedding photo fear: that I'll end up in The People's Court, bloodied, with a concussion, and with under-developed - uh - actually I don't have film - files.

12:45:00 PM