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Monday, October 25, 2004


Butterfly in Window

8:21:24 PM    

The last of the large darkroom prints are beginning to sell:

 Large Darkroom Prints left.

6:18:30 PM    


tinted tree

This was done with the calibrate tab in the Photoshop Raw controls.    That calibrate tab is very interesting and gives a lot of control over monochrome type looks.

4:45:47 PM    

I may have touched a raw nerve with my Blue Screen of Death episode.  Well, I know I did.   Problem is, it would cost me a lot in buying new software to switch to a Mac.  And I mean, a lot.  I would estimate at least as much as the hardware.  But while we're musing and dreaming - suppose that you had it all over to do again.  And suppose that money was not an issue.  That you were going to be given whatever it cost to set yourself up as a digital photographer by a rich uncle.  And suppose that you didn't know nothin' 'bout neither the PC nor the Mac.  I guess you had been livin' in a cave somewhere waitin' for that money from your rich Uncle.  So which way would you go then?  Mac or PC?  And please, no foul language allowed. [ed. I think this is Dave's way of firing up his masses for the election or something....  He can't be serious since no one in his or her right mind would go for a PC under these circumstances.]

2:56:37 PM