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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Back from b&h.  Got to fire off the 20D.  All that back and forth (some of it by me) about the noise of the mirror / shutter  - way overblown.  Yes, louder than the 10D, but nothing that would make much of a difference shooting on the street - unless you are in rapid fire mode.  I don't have the money to get one now with various expenses converting to digital output.  But yes - I would like one.

I also traded in my enlarging lenses and was able to get $400 for them.  That'll get me paper and ink.  And I came down with a cold - which I almost always get this time of year.  It's not a full-out cold; just a sort of achey feeling.  And my back is still sore from all the heavy lifting with the furniture and enlarger.  As I walked down the subway steps, I remember thinking to myself: okay - now I officially feel old.  And on the way upstairs, here was this old timer, smokin' his cigar, reading the paper and sitting in his wheelchair.


Man in Wheelchair

12:38:36 PM    

Subway,New York

Before the first debate, I joked in the blog about the podiums being large enough to hold a prompter.  But life proves, once again that it is stranger than anything I can dream up.

"According to rumors racing across the Internet this week, the rectangular bulge visible between Mr. Bush's shoulder blades was a radio receiver, getting answers from an offstage counselor into a hidden presidential earpiece. The prime suspect was Karl Rove, Mr. Bush's powerful political adviser." - NY Times

Guess he couldn't fit in the podium.  At any rate, there is a good chance tonight that Kerry will pat down the president before the debate.  Watch carefully when they shake hands to see if Kerry's hands wander to the Presidents back.

Also, if you are thinking that Kerry has a prompter - watch him when he answers a question about abortion.  If he says that he is pro-choice. Period.  Then he has a prompter.  If he says that he understands the religious connotations behind the question and that blah blah blah - and goes on for more than two minutes - then he is either not being prompted or is not listening to his prompter.

9:03:37 AM