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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

So let's see how long it takes and how much ink to print 350 notecards with the 7960.  I began this morning.  One thing that is great is that it really has no problem at all with the thick Red River stock.  I can put about 30 sheets of the stuff in the tray and so far, no jams, no problems picking the stuff up.  The way things are going, I'm probably going to use the 7960 mostly for notecards, and prints that need dye type ink and go with the 2200 for most of the fine art prints.

Hey - does anyone sell covers for printers?  I've made something out of a carboard box to cover both printers at night and keep cat hair out. 

I'm waiting for Mt. St. Helens to blow its' cork.  So, if it happens tonight during the debate, do you think the networks would do cutaway shots of the explosion?  I think that would be great.  Have the two guys yelling at each other and then split screen with the plume and all.

Item: I was searching around for some fade tests for the ultrachrome / Hahnemuhle Photorag 308gm combination and came across this:

B&W...Hahnemuhle's Photo Rag 308gm Using Matte Black Ink, The Final Rating Is 186 Years. (They are talking about black only printing).

Colour: (Uncoated) Hahnemuhle's Photo Rag 308gm, Colour Test Bands, With Matte Black Ink Inserted,
We Have Run This Test Twice, First Test Was 32.7 Years, Second Test 28 Years
Final Rating Is 30 Years

Hahnemuhle's Photo Rag 308gm, Colour Test Bands, With Matte Black Ink Inserted, The Final Rating Is 296 Years
(Spray Coated With Lascaux Fixativ And Then Two Coats Of Golden's UVLS Water Based Polymer Matte Varnish)
( Keep In Mind That The UVLS Coating Might Become Less Effective Over Time Given Prolonged UVLUX Exposure)


Well, you figure it out.  If you are printing a b&w print with some color inks - granted a small percentage - then what?  Do you obsess about this?  I'm not going to.  To coat or not to coat - that, dear reader, is the question du jour.


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