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Monday, October 04, 2004

The dongle arrived from ImagePrint.  So for the first time I can print without the DEMO stuff all over the place.  The only problem I ran into was that some of the last lines of the print were fading.  Turns out that the Epson Driver was still interfering with ImagePrint RIP.  At least under Win2K, you need to turn off bi-directional printing on the printer port.  That fixed the problem.  And of course, you can do a pretty good job of 'soft-proofing' using the supplied profiles.  I don't want to waste a lot of ink on a paper I'm not going to use.  The Hamnemuhle paper is on the way. 

 But here's a question - that paper is damned expensive.  Do you do a test print on another similar but cheaper paper until you're close and then start with the expensive stuff?

One thing people may not realize is that the supplies for fine art inkjet printing are actually more expensive then traditional darkroom supplies.  However, the amount of labor (once you have the print 'right') is substantially less.  The amount of skill involved to achieve your vision (o.k. that might be pretentious but you know what I mean)  is about the same in the digital world as in the darkroom world.  But as I say, the labor is of a different nature and once you have it, at least if your workflow doesn't change, you have it.

- - -

Hi Dave,

I am using PhotoRag 308g as well and as proof paper I use Epson Archival
Matte paper. It is very simillar in result as Hahnemuhle, just has little
less detail in dark and is little bit whiter, but excelent for proofing as it
has simillar (little softer) surface and is much cheaper.  As you may know I
use UT2 inks from MIS on both papers
- Richo

Thanks Richo.  I will give that a try.

3:07:08 PM    

Pretty interesting, the price differential in Hahnemuhle paper prices.  I'm pretty much going for the Photo Rag 308 gm2 which is a heavy matte paper with a relatively smooth surface.  At one place in New York which is supposed to be a wholesaler, the price per sheet, letter size (after cutting it down from larger sheets) was $2.95 / sheet.

Then you look at B&H, pre-cut to letter size: $1.79

And then you go to a well-known online paper seller (Atlex): $1.20 per sheet (pre-cut).  Though the larger sized stock is on backorder.  Pretty amazing.  I could save additional money on paper by going for the lighter weight paper, but I really like the feel of the heavier stock.

10:09:36 AM    

Central Park,New York

Two for the Road

This shot is absolutely gorgeous on matte paper in b&w.  It is the first really good print I've done with the new setup.  Not only the subject, but the tonality.   Your eye goes right to the smile, then to the hands and then to the pattern on the girls dress (at least that's how my eye goes).

8:44:27 AM