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Sunday, September 05, 2004

Yes, there was a lot of commotion when photography first made its' appearance.  Was it an artform?  How could it be?  All it was was a mechanical recording.  And it is true, that most photography begins with some recording of something that exists in the world.  There is a craft involved as to what should be in the frame, how it should be exposed etc. but just the same, the photographer without a subject is in trouble.

As opposed to painting which is much more clearly filtered through the painters' perceptions.  A painter can paint something that he sees in his head and that has never existed. 

So, digital photography comes along, and is looked down on by real photographers.  Why should this be?

Yes, it is a hybrid.  It may start with something in the real world and take a surreal turn in Photoshop.  Or it may simply clean up details that the photographer (or the ad agency) doesn't want in the final picture.

The digital photograph has one foot in the painters world, and one foot in the world of reflected photons - or whatever is hitting the chosen medium.  (I've been told that it might be vibrating strings from another dimension).

At any rate, since the magic digital wand has the ability to transform the photograph - I don't see why it  should be looked down upon.  Rather it should bolster the argument that digital photography is an artform.  As they say in internet land - that's my humble opinion (of course no one is that humble).

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The notecard process has been going well.  I need to put up more of the new things for sale.  Changed the name of the blog to: Beckerman's New York.  Will change the rest of the pages when I get a chance.

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"Depending on one's temperament, process can have a greater or lesser importance and impact on the 'outcome'. Speed frequently *is* an important part of the process..." - Barrett

Barrett - the match up between one's temperament and let's say, metabolism, *is* as you say an important factor.  The classic example in writing may be Kerouac's On The Road - written in 3 weeks on paper - paper taped together as a sort of long roll.  At the same time - this speed writing is not all it appears to be as he worked and re-worked the book for many years before that burst.  And - he re-worked it afterwards as well.

Decades of preparation and then three hopped up weeks. Maybe this example is tangential, but you are right - the speed of execution is, for some of us, critical, not just in the shooting phase, but in the pos-shooting phase as well.

But before you start improvising riffs - it is necessary to put the time in learning your scales.

9:15:55 PM    

Reservoir Runner, Central Park

12:12:24 PM    

Reservoir View

From the Central Park running track looking west.  One of the benefits of the blog is that it is forcing me to learn how to spell.  This is a pretty late date to learn spelling, but better late than never. I originally spelled it 'resevoir' - which is how it sounds.  But thanks to my sister, who can spell, I was corrected.  And knowing my French and Latin as I do, I realize now that it means to see what's in reserve.


12:05:17 PM