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Monday, August 30, 2004

I think I need to come up with a new name for both the blog and the website.  Black and White Photography isn't going to do it anymore.  I think the name should have New York in it and Photo - and maybe something else.  Should be Google friendly.  Suggestions for the site name are welcome. 

New York PhotoDay  ?

Beckerman's New York Daily

Urban Op - Photography of New York

As you can see - I draw a blank.

Anyway, tomorrow I plan to go to the Shout-A-Thon at Fox News.  Maybe something will come to me then. 

- - -

If I use your suggestion I can assure you will get a "hearty handclasp."  [If you know where that phrase comes from you get extra points.  Contest Rules: AG you are banned from the "Hearty handclasp" part since this is part of your expertise and I'm sure you don't want to be a mooncalf]

10:30:51 PM    

When photographers have nothing better to do (in-between demonstrations) they like to talk about what's in the camera bag.  Since this is a new setup for me here you go:

24mm f2.8 lens (This is pretty much my normal walking around lens)
50mm f1.4 (Usually when I need something fast)
70-200 f4 zoom (Fantastic zoom. If I'm using it in the shade, I just pop the ISO up to 400.  In sunlight, I usually shoot at 200 ISO)
White Card (I've been using this a lot.  I try to get two Custom Balances: one for sun, one for shade, and switch as appropriate.  If I don't have time to switch, I'll go to Auto White Balance.  It would be nice if there were a faster way to switch between several white balances.)
Four 512MB Flash Cards
Three batteries.

It may sound like a lot - I don't know, but it fits easily into a small camera bag.  If I think I'm going to need more serious flash, I can add the 550 EX.

6:15:52 PM    

New York Window

12:09:05 PM    

News Woman


As the march was about to start, I was standing at 34th street when this newswoman stepped out into the street to try and begin her report with the march in the background.

I'm sure this is an obvious statement, but the most physically beautiful people at just about any protest, are the reporters.

This goes for both the men and women.

The video operators are dirty, sweaty, and are loaded down with equipment. The reporters look like they just stepped out of a spa.



9:48:44 AM    

The New Commander Arrives

I was leaving the park when these clowns burst out from somewhere making weird noises, and pretending to march up and down like something from an Abbott and Costello movie.  Then, just as suddenly as they had appeared, they vanished into the crowd.

8:57:11 AM    

Charlie Rangel &
Gabe Pressman

8:41:12 AM    

Is Our Children Learning

8:33:46 AM    

Waiting for the marchers.


8:28:05 AM    

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