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Sunday, August 29, 2004


8:06:45 PM    

Drop Dead

8:05:16 PM    

"Thanks Bloomberg for Protecting the Grass"

8:01:04 PM    

Code Pink

Code Pink Colonial

An unsolved (I think) murder in Utah has probably gotten as much cable news coverage as the Iraq War.  It is an easier and cheaper story to cover and it involves sensational (I think) items.  You don't even need to send your own reporter - just get a news feed and show it.  I know that some of you think that the news is tainted by liberal or conservative motives - but I don't believe that.  Ratings and low production costs = mo' money.  That's all it is about.

It is all a big show: both inside and outside the convention. What matters is making a splash big enough to make the news. That is all that matters. Code Pink has it right. They have taken a color and made it into a brand name. Without knowing anything about them, I would bet that they are getting advice from a very savvy advertising wizard.  You need pictures to get your message seen.  Pink pictures.


7:45:50 PM    

God Is Love

7:17:53 PM    

Channel 4 was suggesting that one way to get to work during the convention was to use a bike.  I think this is a great idea, but I don't suggest going in groups. 

As far as today's march goes - I admit that I'm nervous about this.  Streets and avenues around the march site have already been locked up tight.  The Garden itself is a fortress with a moat of barricades, communication trucks, and God only knows what else.  This is the big test for both the city and the police.  On top of all that, it is going to be typical end-of-August sticky New York day.

As far as photography goes - it is going to be tricky.  If you go in with the march, you get stuck in one spot in the great river.  Whether you can get to the sidelines or not - that is the question, and honestly, it's where I'd rather be since you can move around more freely. 

What makes me nervous is a) what is going to happen when the march reaches the turnaround spot?  And b) it only takes a couple of provocateurs to turn this into a bloody nightmare. 


7:46:10 AM