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Friday, August 27, 2004


9:55:04 PM    

The question about being careful during the convention is - I'm not really sure how to do that.  A lot of time you think you're being careful and then something happens nearby and boom - people start panicking and shoving and things get out of hand.  But you don't know where it is going to happen.  I think the real danger is either a faux terrorist scare or a real one.  Even a false scare could cause panic - and with the crowds on Sunday - I think that is the most dangerous day.

As far as pictures go - I don't see myself as a real photo-journalist - today, in fact my best pictures were taken on the way and on the way back from the garden (haven't posted them all yet).  Maybe that's what I should do on Sunday: go down to the start of the protest, get out, look around - and go back home.

I think there were two sitcoms about photographers with this problem (Mary Tyler Moore Show and The Odd Couple).  In the former episode, the film cameraman films ants trying to get out of the way of a fire.  I think it was Lou's nephew.

On the Odd Couple - Felix is hired to photograph a boxing match and winds up with a shot of a fly on the bell which he says symbolizes something or other.

6:01:19 PM    

Doorman, Park Avenue

Strange effect. Taken from inside cab which was moving slightly with the window half down.   Maybe light got bent from the sidewalk and hotel and bounced up into the lens?  Sort of an infrared look.

3:04:03 PM    


2:05:31 PM    


1:51:41 PM    

After a while I was approached by a cop - very friendly - asked me for ID and told me that the secret service had been watching me for a while.  It was probably best, he said, if I moved on.  I told him I was about to go anyway - which was true.  He said otherwise I should expect a call from the Secret Service since where I was photographing (entrance to the garden) was where Bush was going to enter.

Thank You

1:40:07 PM    

By far, the best, i.e. the most natural color results I've gotten with the D300 are: AdobeRGB and using a custom white balance.  Other than adding  a touch of saturation (you need to for the Web) these are untouched by photoshop.  I have taken to carrying around a white card for this purpose.  The shot of Girl Playing (below) was done with these settings.

I don't fully understand why this works better than the Auto-White Balance - which reads off the sensor (I think).  Another thing I don't understand is why it it says in the Canon manual: "This is mainly for commercial printing.  Since the image will look very subdued, image processing will be required.  This setting is not recommended for users who do not know about image processing and Adobe RGB." 

8:40:42 AM    

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