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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Goslings, Central Park

They were showing movies in the park, but of course when I arrived with my tripod, the punk at the gate (okay, I'm cranky) says: Hey, is that a tripod?


You can't go in with a tripod.  Security won't allow it. 

He offers to "check it for me" but he doesn't have any claim check or anything like that and the ballhead alone was $200 or more... so...

Seems as if all guards have a universal fear of tripods. 

I mumbled some words under my breath, thought about the dangerous stuff  I could have had in my camera bag (which no one was searching) - and wandered off into the great New York dusk.  Of course, what I found at the boat pond was more beautiful than anything they could have offered with the old version of Manchurian Candidate. 

9:02:48 PM    

So, here we go.  The court ruled that the protesters cannot use Central Park.  United for Peace & Justice has said that if they cannot use the park, there will be no rally, that they will not use the West Side Highway.  So, when the march gets to Madison Square Garden on Sunday - that part I believe there is a permit for - don't you think that the cry will go out, "The park is ours, let's go to the park?"

I believe that will happen.  What a chess game this is.  Now, when a quarter of a million protesters arrive and attempt to go into Central Park - what will happen?  The police department and the mayor must have thought this out and decided to either close the park (can they actually do that) - or to let protesters in.

If (and I would find this almost impossible to believe, but stranger things have happened) the police are told to defend the park at all costs - then you will have serious violence and many people will be hurt and arrested and the grass may even get stained.  No way could something so stupid happen...

And I feel better now, because Tom Ridge was in town and opened the New York Stock Exchange. 

5:14:42 PM    

Digital Camera Instruction 

When I gave the mime a dollar, I asked him where he was from and he whispered that he was from Brazil.  He was a brilliant satirist of our so-called modern life.  From a photographer's point of view, I was trying hard to get shots where you could see both his face and posture and the pedestrians' in the same shot. 

We could use more clowns in the city right now. 

Republicans were arriving by the cabfull.  They stuck out - even among all the other tourists.  They were all toting  large loose-leaf books with what I guess were agendas.  My initial feeling was that these folks looked more foreign than the foreigners.  Is this how southerners felt when the Yankees arrived?  Something more than political: a cultural clash. 

9:03:20 AM    

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