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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

There is still a lot of tumult about whether the RNC related demonstrations can be held in Central Park or whether they will be quarantined to the West Side highway.  The city suggests that the demonstrations will harm the grass in Central Park.  The demonstrations will, I predict, end up in the park - even sans permit.  It is the logical place for them. 

Either these demonstrations are going to be something out of "Hair, the Movie" or they are going to be a nightmare from some John Carpenter film.  And I think it is going to depend on where they are held.  Yes, there will be some elements that will try and provoke trouble - but how much can they do in the park?  On the other hand - stick a bunch of angry people on a narrow, crumbling, potholed strip of highway and wait for the fireworks.

I also heard today that Mayor Bloomberg has put up a web-site to welcome the protesters.  What was it called?  Oh, yeah: OneDayWeWillBeRepublicansTooButNotYetBecauseWeAreYoungAndIdealisticDotCom?


3:12:54 PM