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Thursday, August 12, 2004

Buddy's Eye

Buddy's Eye - Closeup

ISO 400 with the Rebel

This was shot at f1.8 with the 50mm lens, hand-held, no flash, no corrections at all - 1/80th of a second by the light of a single 100 watt lamp.  Here is the full shot:

Buddy Full Shot

ISO 400 with the Rebel

9:51:17 PM    

What Is It Photograph

What Is It?

This might be too easy - but if you know what it is - and more especially what this particular part of the object in question is called - well, you don't win anything but get the satisfaction of helping me test the comment mechanism below. 

8:45:00 PM    

Reflection, East River

One of those spots I've walked by a thousand times - but today this gate was open (which it never is) so that I could get up alongside the window.  In the background - Roosevelt Island.

Yesterday, the page views doubled - result of all the hoopla.  So any publicity is good publicity.  Maybe.  I really like this Haloscan comment software.  Loads quickly and I get e-mail notification whenever a new entry is made.  If it continues to function this well I may stick the comments in the picture section as well, and then do away with the guestbook (which is ASP-based) and which goes out of commission once in a while.  That will leave the cart mechanism as the only thing left on the site using ASP.  I'm still toying with the idea of switching that mechanism to Paypal, or some other all-in-one cart.  Then my site is technologically independent - and could be moved to another host whenever I wanted - and I wouldn't have to worry about the ASP not working during the Christmas Season (twice so far it has gone out at that time).

1:43:00 PM    

Jogger Photograph

Jogger #70

1:40:56 PM    

Night Feet

Pigeon - Closeup

1:39:07 PM    

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