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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Added comments via Haloscan... at least it doesn't seem to be slowing down the loading of the page.  Do I even know what Trackback is for...? No.  Remember I was born in the middle of the last century.  We didn't have no stinkin' trackback then.  What wuz the highest tech gizmo in the house back then...  I think it was a toss-up between the washing-machine and the seltzer-maker I bought for the family - which turned out some pretty crappy seltzer. 

 My family had stopped having seltzer delivered (to save money) and so, desperate for my favorite drink I bought a carbon gas cartridge gizmo that made flat-tasting seltzer.  The seltzer bottles were of heavy glass, with great metal nozzles that got nice and chilly.  Usually the glass was untinted - but every once in a while you'd get a blue-tinted bottle.  That was a bonanza for me.  Same stuff inside - but it was such a beautiful azure color that it would make me think of blue waters - and I could get transported by this color to some pirate laden waters...

9:45:02 PM    

Church between Buildings

Cat a.k.a 'Buddy' Painting

If you want to create something along these lines: 

Step 1: shoot the cat indoors with telephoto lens and one 100 watt bulb about six inches away from kitty.
Step 2: Set your ISO to 3200. 
Step 3: play with the substantial amount of digital noise.
Step 4: Forget about the grain and just cover it up with a painters effect.

6:37:11 PM    

Day Camp Picture

Daycamp, Girl In Green

This is one of those "Hey Mister, take my picture" shots.  I was on my way to do some errands when I spotted all these green shirts that turned out to be about fifty kids going to daycamp.  I took one shot of one of the counselors who said, "I hope I'm not going to see that on America's Most Wanted."  I showed him the picture and then the kids started crowding around.  I only had a chance to take this one shot before the kids were rounded up and started towards the park.

11:13:49 AM