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Sunday, August 08, 2004

Although I made a couple of mistakes along the digital route - it seems like sticking with Canon and in particular the Rebel was a good choice for me.  An example: I began futzing around with the st-e2 speed transmiter in the apartment.  This is a trigger that is usually used for getting off-camera remote flash to do its thing - but the camera can also use it as a focus assist when it is dark, or the subject hasn't enough contrast.  At any rate - it worked fairly well on the Elan 7 - but it seems to be dead on and even faster on the Rebel - with one caveat - Program Mode.  Although there are some custom functions by way of the Russian firmware hack to tell it to just act as an assist beam and not as a flash trigger - in Program Mode - it wants the camera at 1/60 of a second.  However, although the flash icon shows up in other modes, such as AV and TV - it doesn't matter.  It focuses and you can set the F-Stop / Shutter Speed combo without a problem.

So for walking around night stuff - this is a great boon.  And all the other little gadgets that I invested money in - not to mention the lenses - things like flashes, cable releases etc. work fine.  So - looking back on it - the Rebel or the 10D were obvious choices - but not obvious to me at the time. 

I'll have to see how it holds up when we get some winter weather going here.

6:03:55 PM    

Building with Half Moon

2:22:17 PM    

Metropolitan Museum

Church, Centre Street

There was a baptism going on at the base of the church - and I setup the long lens on a tripod to get this shot.  Just after I took it, a security guard walked up to me and told me to move on.  "I thought you wuz wit the party," he said.  I told him I was just wandering by.  "Ya wanna spend a day in jail? These are all government buildings."

"Nah," I said.  "Too nice a day to spend in jail."  He didn't crack a smile.

And I promptly moved on. 

2:20:06 PM    

"Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we.  They
never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our
people, and neither do we.'' - Pres. Bush [8/5/04]

This video was on the Letterman show.  The thing is - we know that the president has problems speaking off the cuff - but what I don't get - is that he was reading this from a card.  So did an aide write this for him and leave out a clause?  Or was it simply misread?  I've been trying to ponder it out - but it is beyond my grasp.

10:20:31 AM    

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