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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Wall by St. Vincents

Stay Out 

6:40:13 PM    

Funny how things come full circle.  Tomorrow, Andy and I have actually got a real singer coming by to sing some of our songs.  Since it's a woman it means the house which has become untidy (to say the least) during this whole digital spree is in for a cleaning.  It's actually not easy to even squeeze three people in this place - but we'll do our best.  So I pulled out some of the songs from the last song-writing spree and began to listen to them.  Not bad.  And a couple of the songs that Andy didn't like that much at first - or thought were too much like movie music - he ended up sending me lyrics for yesterday.

The songs sound familiar to me - but I can't really say I remember writing them.

5:08:44 PM    

Wall by St. Vincents

The First Wall
St. Vincent's Hospital

On Sept. 11th - New Yorkers began to put up little signs and tokens on this fence by St. Vincents Hospital - and they are still there.

12:01:10 PM