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Monday, August 02, 2004

FDR at Night

FDR & East River (Night)

9:00:46 PM    

I started to clean up the design of the "Recent Prints" section, and finally figured out why the Adobe Web Gallery gizmo was giving me crappy jpgs - so they are of a higher quality now.  I posted a message on the Photoshop forum saying I was having problems with the Web Gallery and couldn't figure out how to improve the jpg quality.  Someone wrote back, explaining what to do.  I thanked him.  Then, in a follow up message he made a snide remark about how if he could read the manual - why couldn't I.  This could have been the start of a flame war - and it's the type of thing that someone wouldn't say face to face - and given the fact that I've been using PS for years without ever asking anything on a forum - I thought I was entitled to make a snide remark back - but I'm in the middle of reading the Bhagavad Gita and it wouldn't have been spiritually correct.  So instead of replying with a nasty remark - which was my first instinct - I tried to treat him with love and understanding and picture how he was sitting there all day answering stupid questions and how frustrated he must be and so I tried to think of something I could write back that would be humble and thankful - such as - thank you for all the help you've given me.  Or have a nice day.  But given the tone of the remark on his part, anything I came up with would have seemed - equally snide.  In fact, I couldn't come up with anything to say that he wouldn't have taken offense at - so I just meditated on the fact that his Karma was going to cause him all sorts of problems and that took me down a lane of thoughts which ended up with Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold - and so I had to start my meditation all over again - and it was beginning to interfere with my work - but I sat down and crossed my legs and began again to meditate - picture that you are at the bottom of an ocean, and you are watching bubbles rise to the surface... watch each bubble with your thoughts in it rising slowly through the water - and picture the thoughts coming to the surface and popping into the cool ocean air - and then let them go... let them go... don't look at them too closely... what does that one say: Pop: What an idiot that guy is... Pop: He has a lot of nerve... Pop: Pop: Pop: and the popping sounds started to get loud - like some sort of semi-automatic, and then automatic weapon - and so I had to give it up again.  Oh well. 

8:26:12 PM    

FDR at Night

Boat, Blurred East River 

2:58:15 PM    

FDR at Night

Roosevelt Island (Night)

1:38:09 PM    

I just spoke with HP about the larger format Designjet Printers and whether any of them use the 3-shades of gray / black ink cartridge as in the 7960 and the answer is: no.  That's a drag. 

12:24:51 PM    

Night Tree

6:01:42 AM