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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Water Lilies

And for an extra added attraction, a goldfish (screen right).

4:42:47 PM    

One last product blurb. I bought the Digi Finder a few days ago and finally attached it to the A75.  The instructions are mostly in German although there is a piece of paper in English that says to look at the German instructions.  It took me about an hour to figure out how to attach it to the LCD screen because there were four pieces included which I thought were the frame, but are apparantly for some mysterious purpose.  Turns out that they weren't needed. Here's the blurb from the B&H site under Digital / LCD Hoods:

The DigiFinder was developed to assist the photographer in taking better photographs when using their digital camera. It solves the problem of clearly viewing the LCD screen even in the brightest daylight and allows you to modify the image easily without glare. The magnifying condenser lens allows you to clearly view the image from a normal viewing distance using both eyes without distortion. Digifinder has a built-in condenser lens which enlarges the focal distance of the picture on the monitor, but does not distort the microstructure of the screen.

In fact - it does just what it is supposed to do.  It can be set to either put your eye right up against it and view the LCD screen, effectively blocking out all extraneous light, or in another position, you can hold it back and view it with both eyes.  The former position is especially useful if you like to press the camera against your eye to steady it.  It's plastic, and lightweight and once the frame is attached around the LCD I think it will stay put.  In other words, you stick the frame around the LCD.  You then snap the loupe into place to use it, or snap the loupe off and stick it in your case if you don't need it.

I had to put the frame on backwards, so as not to cover up any buttons on the A75.

4:21:57 PM    

Dave, I'm not certain that DOF of a 20mm lens is the same on a DSLR vs SLR. Maybe you can make sense of this article (which I'm sure is right, but confuses me): http://www.photo.net/learn/optics/dofdigital/

--- This article goes into it more than I care to, or know how to do since I arrived at it somewhat from intuition and experience, but here is his key sentence, and I think it is what I was trying to say:

So the bottom line - and all you really need to know - is that DOF is inversely proportional to format size. Note that format size is inversely proportional to the "digital multiplier". The higher the "digital multiplier", the smaller the format and thus the greater the depth of field.

In other words, if you are using a 20 mm lens with a 1.6x multiplier, the format is smaller, and so the depth of field is greater than the equivalent focal length of 32 mm.  The the best I can do with it.  I was, however, trying to make another point as well, and that is the character of the lens - in this case certain curvature you would normally get with a 20mm lens if it isn't perpendicular to the horizon - will show up when you use it with the smaller format as well. 

2:55:53 PM    


The guy behind the newspaper was telling me how it was against the law to photograph on the subway. That the cops would take your camera away and cart you off to jail when I pointed the camera at him and took this. He was convinced that terrorists were all over the place. He wanted to know what type of photography I did. I told him anything. This left him confused. But what do you take pictures of? Anything at all.

I hope there isn't some subconscious desire to test this new law which is impossible to enforce, and which doesn't make a whole lot of sense.  A law that makes more sense is that if you are taking pictures on the subway, the cops can ask you for some ID, and if there is anything they consider suspicious, they can haul you in for questioning.  I know that even that seems somewhat draconian, but it's okay with me.  I'm also not against having some sort of national identity card.  But you know what most of the cops in the city are doing these days: giving out parking tickets.  Why - because the city wants the money.  Instead of having all these uniforms walking around giving out parking tickets, why don't they make them security guards for important targets?  Oh, there's no figuring how government works.

12:50:30 PM    

"...also, the HP print you included may be the best looking B&W print I've ever seen from an inkjet. I took it outside in full sunlight and I'm amazed at how much it looks like a traditional darkroom print! I've never seen anything remotely close to this come out of an Epson.... Those are HP dye-based inks that will last 75yrs?  Wow!" - J.K.

Yup.  That output from the 7960 was the final straw that tilted me into digital. It was the fact that I could finally get what looked like a traditional darkroom print on glossy paper - that was archival - that made me feel comfortable enough to take the path most taken... J. was looking at an 8 x 10  print of sewer and curb (taken with the A75 and fed through the Power Retouche plug-in).


4:33:54 AM    

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