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Monday, July 26, 2004

The Nexvue Vista (30 gig wallet) is going back to B&H.  Quite frankly, as I squeezed the battery into place, trying not to break the wires that connected to a socket - I thought - man, this feels like junk.  What an idiotic design.

Okay, I'll live with that.  But then I couldn't get Win2K to recognize the Vista, not to mention that the spec. says that it is 1.1 USB.  Yikes.  Any good instructions on their site?  Yes, get the latest firmware.  So, I'm supposed to use my SanDisk reader I guess to copy their firmware to the card and then upgrade and -- I don't even think there was a warranty card in the thing.  (I think this blog is turning into equipment reviews 'r us).  And this is supposed to be their classiest model?  And oh - what a manual.  My eleven year old neice could have done a better job of it.  There was even an almost unreadable xerox page showing that if you put the CF card in the wrong way you could bust up the card and/or the contraption.  And no button for popping the CF card out.  Yeah right - for four hundred something bucks... Don't think so.

Can an iPod read CF cards?  Now there's a backup device.

7:52:13 PM    

Boy With Flute 

3:16:45 PM    

Awning 132

3:15:39 PM    

I took the plunge and installed the hacked firmware for the Digital Rebel.  It now has mirror lock-up and a couple of other functions.  But the one thing I was hoping would work - the Custom Function 4 - move focus start to the AE button - that did nothing at all.  Just kept it as was.  Oh well.

2:49:51 PM    

Couldn't help myself.  Went back to "The Secret Garden" in Central Park with the Rebel.  The camera is great.  You can't really get an idea of the detail from these images, but it is amazing and noise free.

It is, just about exactly the same as using the Elan 7 which I'm so used to.  The one and only gripe is the focus lock.  This is stupid.  Even if you hold the shutter half-way to lock focus, if you hold it for too long, it goes into hunt and search mode (Servo).  What I ended up doing was - as I thought I would do - to keep one hand on the shutter button half way, and then with the other hand switch the lens to manual.  Not a big deal, but sometimes I forgot I had switched it to manual focus.  The AE lock button works well. 

Anyway - I have a lot of things to look through from my little outing.  But the camera is "a keeper."  The whole crop factor didn't bother me at all.  In fact, using the 20mm, it still has a sort of wide-angle look to me.

12:25:27 PM    

Secret Garden #158 (Central Park)

12:20:59 PM    

At Play (Central Park)

12:19:56 PM    

I got a little organized this morning and put the best shots from this digital spree in, where else:

The Digital Section.

Thanks to the cat for coming up with that original name. 

I am about 99% sure that the D-Rebel is just the ticket.  I had to make a few adjustments to the setup - i.e. there is a parameter setting that at least for my taste should be set to 2 so that the shots are less saturated and not as contrasty.

I also see that not having the "real" focus lock is not such a big deal since you can just auto-focus and then switch the button on the lens to manual (voila - focus lock).

The AE lock works fine.  And I think I'm pretty much done with the manual.

I read about how to upload the hacked firmware into the camera - seems pretty easy - but I'll hold off on that for now.  I also bought some plastic protective thing that you can put over the LCD so you don't get all that skin oil, scratches etc. on the LCD.

That's all for now folks - I have orders for about 60 cards - and that is going to keep me busy for a while.  I am getting pretty close to sticking all the film developing stuff into a box and stowing it away in the closet which, for the first time in years will give me room in the bathroom to keep a hamper!  Zowee!


8:18:29 AM    

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