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Sunday, July 25, 2004

Casio Player (Subway)

4:14:41 PM    

Steps # 32

4:02:55 PM    

Kid With Dog # 64

First shot with the D-Rebel. Obviously, blown highlights. Need to fool around with the metering a little.  The kid was wearning a white shirt, in direct sunlight.

3:49:07 PM    

I tried the S60 and the G5 (powershots). I liked the S60 very much, but decided that before getting it I would go over to the SLR counter and try the D-Rebel and the 10D.

As soon as I picked up the 10D I knew it wasn't going to work for me: too heavy, too imposing.

I picked up the Rebel and played with it a while and bought it. Again - I don't know yet whether I will keep it, but will know pretty quickly. If I do keep it, I suspect that I will fool around with those patches for uncrippling the crippled software of the Rebel.

The difference between the S60 and the A75 - basically, I didn't think it was worth the move up. I also picked up the Nexvue Vista 30 gig "digital wallet" (if that's what these things are called.

I want to thank everyone that's been giving me advice - very useful.

1:18:55 PM    

Couple on Train

1:13:38 PM    

Father & Son - Waiting for Bus

The photographic holy grail for me has been to be either unthreatening, or invisible.  So far in this journey, the A75 has been as close as I've gotten to this paradigm.  If I can get both of these attributes, without shutter lag, and with a few more pixels, I think I'll be happy.  I'm off to B&H now to continue the search.

9:11:05 AM    

I've received a lot of mail about the digital dilemma - but this one probably sums it up:

Hi Dave,

I've been reading with interest your experiences of digital.  Over the past year, I've used a small P&S (Sony P71), a larger prosumer digital (Sony f717), and now a Canon 10d with all the glass.   I have to say they all have their advantages, I miss the f717 for great shots out of the camera, and its flip body, and the small Sony for its "Im just a tourist" feature!   The DSLR will give you the shot-to-shot speed, and I love the lack of noise, but unobtrusive its not!  I keep getting asked what newspaper I work for....

Congrats on the blog, I always make a point of dropping in. - M.

- - -

One other item of interest is that once you buy into some sort of storage media, in my case Compact Flash, you also buy into a certain brand of camera: Canon goes for CF (and similar batteries as well); some other brands are using SD cards; another brand is using memory sticks, and some only work with their own proprietary cards (certain Panasonic models come to mind).  Another thing, maybe not as big a deal - is that once you "get" the menuing system of say the A75 - it isn't much of a leap to understand the Pro 1 etc.  So it does give you a sense of familiarity when you stay in the same "family" of cameras.

Well - after I return the Pro 1 today (how do they get all that stuff back in the box?) -- my plan is to look at the following cameras: 10D, Rebel, Powershot G5, Powershot S60.  I will also look at an accesory called the Digi Finder, and some sort of digital wallet type of gizmo such as the Nexvue.  By then I should be thoroughly confused and probably will leave the store with irate salesmen following me around.

4:51:23 AM    

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