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Saturday, July 24, 2004

Girl In Cowboy Hat (Times Square)

Girl Cowboy Hat & Mom

Two Women & Baby

Break Dancing (Times Square Subway)

4:50:01 PM    

  • Very good resolution, joint best of group
  • Wide angle seven times zoom lens, fast at wide
  • Selectable color space (sRGB / Adobe RGB)
  • Good shot to shot times
This is from the dpreview.com of the Powershot Pro 1.  This is something that I just don't understand.  When I looked at the timing specs for the Pro 1, they seemed to be the same as for the A75.  Maybe I just got a super-fast A75.  How many of you remember the old days when you would replace the timing crystal in your pc with a faster one!

1:38:54 PM    

Lunch - Almost

Just to make sure I wasn't nuts (well this might not prove anything) about returning the Pro 1, I went out for about five minutes and took this with the A75. And then this shot and a few other pretty good ones. The thing is - there is very little lag - and more importantly - you are simply more of the "idiot tourist" with the A75.


12:27:26 PM    

Man - the digital journey continues.  After walking out into the rain, very light, this morning and doing a little more shooting I realized that a) in any sort of weather, you can't use the LCD - you just don't want to get it wet b) the camera is not waterproofed and c) it is still too damned slow, even with all my tricks.  So it is going back.  I'll rewrap everything and I'm glad I held off making the decision to fill out the warranty and all that.  The fold-out LCD is great - and if it weren't for the shutter / blackout lag I would stick with it, but nothing doing.  Also the MF button is just too small for my hands -- sometimes I get it and sometimes I miss it.

I think I'll go for either the Rebel or the 10D and I'm leaning towards the 10D.  I have all the glass I need to get started.  And I guess that will be that for now.

- - -

"i'm so jealous. you're getting the 10D .... i'll have to work for at least another year before i can consider buying a dSLR. you know it's a pretty heavy camera." RD

R - that remains to be seen.  I haven't even handled one yet.  I may simply end up with a different shade / loupe gizmo for the A75 - or I might end up with a G5 -- right now I'm all over the place.

10:47:42 AM    

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