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Friday, July 23, 2004

Seems like it ain't cheap once you get into digital seriously.  As far as off-loading images on-the-go seems like the Nexvue Vista or ImageTank are both worthwhile.  Need to do some more experimenting with the whole lag thing first...

6:48:19 PM    

Buddy the Great Test Cat


This was shot in RAW mode - with the flash stuff at 400 ASA. I don't think I did the best job as far as color correction goes - but it does give you an idea of the dreaded "noise" factor. It's not a fair test because noise shows up most in the darker areas - still -- I don't think it's anything to go and run under the bed from. And yes, the remote trigger works fine with the Pro 1.

Here's the full shot (actually, also cropped into a square).

This shot is not sharpened.

5:57:38 PM    

It's from "Chinatown" and it clues the Jack Nicholson character to the possibility that the water engineer was drowned in his own carp pond. (The Chinese groundskeeper says, "Salt water--bad for glass.") - Smasher

- - -

I installed the lastest RAW plug-in from Adobe and it seems to work okay - although I think I'm going to have to figure out some things about the color balance business.  And if I'm going to do any photo-journalist type shooting, such as the Republican Convention with this camera - which I want to do - I'm going to need at least another CF card.  I currently have one Sandisk 256 MB Ultra II card (54 Raw Images); and a 256 mb card.  And I'm guessing I'd need at least another 1 GB card - and something offload the stuff to.  So this is where it all starts to get expensive.  On the other hand, if I stick to taking pictures of flowers in the garden, I'll be fine (so long as they don't start walking around a la Alice Through The Looking Glass).

4:55:26 PM    

I learned something about the Pro 1.  Yes, I did take it in the rain and it was pretty dark outside and I stood under an awning shooting people walking by me, and trying to judge how much lag there was - and by lag I mean good old shutter lag.  If you focus on someone walking by (I was using the 28mm) perpendicular to you - at about 8 feet - what was the difference between when you clicked the shutter and what was actually taken.

The bad news is - if you put the thing in highest mode - largest size (not raw) - finest setting - the camera is just about useless.

However, the good news is - if you put it into RAW mode - there is no real discernable shutter lag.  I mean, of course there is some - but basically I shot as people's feet crossed a line in the sidewalk, and that was what I got.

As far as the blackout time went - I'm not sure - it might have been a little bit less. 

So - you gotta have big CF cards - that's for sure - but if you are shooting anything that is moving you've pretty much got to do it in RAW mode.  Phew.  For a minute there, I was getting ready to put the camera back in the box and return it.  Alright, let's see what RAW mode is like in Photoshop.  I'm guessing they've got a plug-in to handle it (I hope).

12:50:54 PM    

Haven't had a chance to do much shooting with the Pro 1 because I actually have three orders to get out today and it's raining and I'm not taking this thing out in the rain... From the limited stuff I've done, I can tell you that the blackout time is an issue on the negative side, but the overall design of the thing - is wonderful; and the swivel LCD - is just what I wanted.  If the weather is okay, I plan on going downtown tomorrow and getting on one of those double-decker tourist buses.  The flashes work fine, though it is pretty top heavy with the ex550 (the flash is heavier than the camera I think).  I still need to try the remote flash triggering gizmo.  If that works - then I think I'm sold since if nothing else, I will have the benefit of instant feedback with lighting ratios etc.  Who knows, maybe I'll even begin to do some portraits.

11:33:51 AM    


"The anthropologist Robert Redfield has argued that the worldview of many peoples consists essentially of two pairs of binary oppositions: human / nonhuman and we / they. "

- The Origin of Satan, Elaine Pagels


11:25:25 AM    

Yes... it is true.  I finally made some cosmetic changes to the home page - and plan to do the same for the rest of the site.

9:33:34 AM    

Here's a bit of movie trivia for y'all.

Excerpt from this article about how the protests this summer in New York will be on the West Side Highway of all places:

"As you may already know, the group's first choice for a rally was the Great Lawn in the park. No way, the Parks Department said. Bad for the grass. It's one thing to have tens of thousands of Mendelssohn lovers spread across the lawn for an outdoor performance by the New York Philharmonic. But tens of thousands gathered in the same place to express a political opinion? That won't do."


1) Which line in this excerpt is from a great movie? (Hint, it is delivered with an accent).

2) What is the movie?

3) And why is it one of the critical lines in the movie? (Extra bonus points if you know this).

I could give a couple of more hints, but I'm afraid you'll use them to look up the reference in IMDB.

If you answer this question correctly, you will win absolutely nothing.  If you do not answer correctly, you will also win absolutely nothing.  This contest is not good in any area where contests which offer no prizes are prohibited by law.  All rights to the supplied answers are the property of no one.  You may not exchange this offer.  You may actually be arrested if you are found reading this small print (not for reading this small print, but for some other reason that you know more about than the contest promoters know about).  If you are arrested for something while you are reading this than the contest and you are found to have won the contest, you will still be able to claim your prize (of which there are none at the present moment). 

4:24:02 AM