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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Thank you all for the suggestions re: backups et. al.  You pointed me in the right direction.

Oh and if you haven't seen this site of Michal Daniel - take a look.

http://www.640x480.net  (suggested by Paul D.)

9:08:57 PM    

Other than the known issue of the "blackout" phase; the only other minor surprise is that you can't (at least I can't) put a filter on AND a the lens shade.  I always like to put a UV filter on to protect the front element - so for now, that's what I've done.  But once you put the filter on, the supplied lens hood won't go on. 

Here are some early tests:


Cat on Cabinet

This was shot with some bounce flash at 200mm hand-held at the next to largest file size at ASA 50. Neither image was sharpened.

7:37:37 PM    

Bike with Sunflower

2:01:23 PM    

Babe on Train

1:48:49 PM    

I just returned from B&H.  I went to do some more hands on with the Powershot Pro 1 vs. the DiMage A2.  And I returned with one: the Powershot Pro 1.

Why? The swivel of the LCD; the structural feel of the camera; and I guess the odd chance that I might actually use some of my dedicated flashes with it - though that wasn't a big factor.

I didn't like how the LCD on the A2 is exposed - i.e. you can't flip it around to be protected.  And the camera layout wasn't at all intuitive to me - though you could get used to it.  The other factor was just all the quality control issues with the camera.  I will keep the box and everything ready to return and see how it goes in it's maiden voyage.  Incidentally, on the way down, I took a bunch of pretty good shots on the subway with the A75.  I wouldn't toss that one away for anything.  I think I would basically go out with both cameras in the bag.

So there you have it.  Bank account is $1000 lighter (picked up a fast CF card, and an extra set of batteries). 

1:37:11 PM    

Two separate questions:

1) You go away on vacation for a couple of days and you want to backup / remove images from your CF to some portable device.  What do you recommend?

2) How are you all backing up your images?  I currently have an external Hard Drive and I'm using the backup utility in Win2K to backup all my digital files.  Takes about an hour, but it can be scheduled.  Is anyone using tape backup anymore?

10:41:55 AM