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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

"it was only a year ago that you were pooh poohing digital cameras. HA!" - R.D.

A year ago?  It was about a month ago.  And guess what - I may pooh pooh them again tomorrow.  The only constant that I've seen in my own opinions has been how often they change. - D.B.

10:30:52 PM    

Ward's Island Bridge #83r it.
Ward's Island Bridge

6:19:33 PM    

Last night - I was still going back and forth in my mind about DSLRS vs. Digicams, and I began to wonder whether anyone had tried to hack into the firmware in the Digital Rebel:


And so it goes.  Reminds me of the very old days when you'd get some binary fix for Wordstar (running under CPM no less); or flip a single-sided floppy and punch a hole on the other side so it became a double-sided floppy.

The fact that the firmware is hackable might actually be a deciding factor.

4:49:02 PM    

Ward's Island Bridge, Trestle #49 for it.

Ward's Island houses a homeless shelter (at least it used to) and a State Mental Hospital which is one of the ugliest, most sinister-looking buildings in the city. Yet the bridge is one of my favorites because of it's near lavender hue. More to follow...


1:27:26 PM    

hade for it.

Cat Closeup w/ T.V.

9:14:22 AM    

So, it was a pipe bomb.  And now the investigation is centering on the officer who "found" the bomb.  (Shades of New Orleans).

"The bomb - made from a length of plastic pipe 6 to 10 inches long and about an inch around, packed with black powder and BB's - caused little damage and no injuries beyond those suffered by the officer. But it rattled nerves and prompted a huge police response in a city gearing up for the Republican National Convention next month amid heavy security and oft-stated concerns about the potential for a subway attack." - NY Times

More irony:

He was dismissed from the force for psychological reasons:

"Yesterday, several police officials referred to him as a hero for his actions in responding to the trade center disaster, saying he had been buried under rubble, although they were unable to provide details about precisely what his role was. One official said that it was his experiences on Sept. 11 that led to his psychological problems. The officer suffered a number of maladies afterward, including significant weight loss, a person familiar with his work history said." NY Times

7:19:56 AM    

I guess I might as well admit it: the dark-side (digital) has tickled my fancy, enticed me, seduced me, and has had it's way with me.  The other day, I was listening to a sports channel and Lenny Dykstra from the Mets came on the air.  I also loved Lenny Dykstra and was heart-broken when he was traded.  He was one of those scrappy players who made a name for himself by playing his heart out.  And when he was traded to Philadelphia in one of the dumbest moves ever made in the history of baseball - I stopped following the Mets.

The reason that Lenny comes to mind, is that his mother once said, that even after he had made it to triple-A ball, he still slept with his bat.  And I believe it. 

Well, the other day I noticed that I was still falling asleep with my A75 in it's little pouch, at the foot of my bed.  This is a bad sign indeed.  It is a sign that the digital gizmo has wormed its way into my heart, my subconscious, and has become a member of the household, along with my cat and my remote control.

I have found myself, late at night, pouring endlessly over digital specs.  Comparing features of higher end digicams and DSLRs.  Waiting breathlessly to see what the latest incarnation will bring.  I have learned things that I never thought would interest me: the smaller digicam always has more "noise" than the DSLR because the latter has a larger sensor.

That the DSLR often suffers from dust particles on a piece of glass that is before the sensor, but that you can clean this glass but the things you need to clean it - such as CO2 and some other stuff can't be brought on an airplane.

I won't go on with the minutia.  And most puzzling of all: that I feel more comfortable composing on the tiny little LCD screen, surrounded by this cheap velcro-based hood, than with the viewfinder.  How weird is that? That I have begun to think of the Digicam as a miniature view camera.  That I like the roughly 4 x 5 aspect ratio of the LCD. Am I going to hear a tinny voice from Darth Anse Vaderl come from the A75 someday saying, "Dave, I am the father."

I will say, that no matter how I look at it - the Digital SLR still has little sway over me.  It is still basically an SLR with immediate feedback.  And I don't think that it is the immediate feedback part that fascinates me since: a) I have instant review turned off and b) even if I look at the shots later on the LCD I can't really say for sure whether I've gotten a good shot or not.  This comes later in Photoshop.

What does interest me is: a) no film to get developed.  b) a good LCD (I don't have that yet) c) the swivel LCD  d) the lightweight and unobtrusive nature of the Digicam and being able to shoot in color and then decide whether the shot is better in b&w or color.  This is latter fact is revolutionary and of course applies equally well to the Digicam or the Digital SLR.  You could argue: well, in the old days, you went out with different bodies with different film.  Or if you were into medium format, you had different holders.  Or that you had two bodies, one with fast film, one with slow film.  But with digital - you hit a button and switch film speeds.  You decide later whether the shot works better in b&w or color. 

No way around it.  I am hooked and I'll have to fess up to it.

Oh, one other benefit.  You may not have noticed it, but I actually try to run a business here on the web.  It's like putting out a op-ed column with pictures once a day.  Well, guess what - getting pictures into this little shop around the corner is quite a bit easier with digital.  Maybe you noticed the turnaround time for some of these recent shots?

4:01:48 AM