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Monday, July 19, 2004

hade for it.

Homeless Man With Dog

This dog was meaner than he looked. I spoke with the guy about the dog, and gave him some change and then asked if it was okay if I took the dog's picture. Sure. No problem. As I approached the dog, he growled at me. The guy explained that the shopping cart was the dog's territory -- but that if I held out my hand to him and said, "Hey Shorty," the dog would know I was a friend. So I did and the dog began to lick my hand. The sign on the cart, which is hard to read in this says, in effect, that he had been kicked out of his home because they didn't allow pets anymore.

8:35:52 PM    

hade for it.

In The Forest

I am a city dweller, and up until a few weeks ago, can't say that I've had any eye for what is commonly called, "nature." But when I discovered this garden in Central Park - I sort of had my eyes opened. Possibly this so-called nature photography has to be situated within the city limits for me to get it. As crazy as that may seem at first, it may just mean that there is a place that you can return to to experiment. Although I did travel to places like the southwest, and saw many amazing things there, I was never able to capture them. I seem to need to be able to return to some place over and over to get a feel for it. This shot caught my eye because of the "love" word that was carved on the already hollowed out tree.

6:42:58 PM    

hade for it.

Water Lilies & Dragonfly

2:59:48 PM    

Remember last week I mentioned that the "change cartridge light" on the 7960 came on after about 20 prints.  Well - I left the printer off for a couple of days, and now, without changing the cartridge (#59) I've printed another seven 6 x 9's so far.  Sort of like that Seinfeld episode where Kramer takes the used-car guy for a ride to see how far they can go while the gas needle reads "no gas."  Going where no man has gone before.  Anyway, I'm still working on adding prints to the the "digital print" section. 

- - -

HP NOW MAKES THE PREMIUM GLOSSY PLUS PAPER IN 11 X 17 INCH SIZE!.  I think you can chop it down to 8 x 13 and feed it through the 7960 - i.e. you could make an 7.5 x 12 print from a full 35mm frame.

12:15:34 PM    

"Dave woudn't believe it and if it he would he will smile (I hope) in his mind. I have got Konica Hexar silent mode camera :-) Now I used all the money from sale of my Voigtlander Bessa-R2. Yesterday afternoon we had some small party and I shot test roll with this nice silent camera. People had no idea when actually I took a picture. Today at work I already did few shots nobody notice. I really like this. I will not use this camera as replacement of my OM gear but I am planning to use it when taking pictures could be disturbing. " Richo's Site

Richo - I believe it - and offer you a smile and congratulations.  This is the quietest film camera I've ever had. And one of the cameras that will never be traded for anything else.   

5:14:15 AM