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Sunday, July 18, 2004

David, Your shot of dog walk--Thursday-This has got to be an all time great shot! the look in the dogs eyes and the overall expression is typical of a bodyguard-that inquiring (dont you dare look) and the young girl has the look of a typical international celebrity--your friend who said the shot you sent him -had no story to tell-Well this thursday shot is equivilent to a biography. Well done David. and thanks for the info on the HP printer--By the way I just saw an ad in a Magazine HP has released a larger print version (in popular photography Mag August issue) Prints up to 11x17- called designjet 30. $699 street price. 70 year print life--Best Wishes--Gordon

Gordon - that is great news about the DesignJet -- and as far as the Dog Walk -- I can only say that I've been shooting there for years and years and this was the first halfway fascinating shot I got there.   As far as the Designjet goes, I'm not sure that it uses the same sort of b&w cartridge as the 7960... I can't seem to find much info on it yet.

7:30:41 PM    

hade for it.

Mango Delivery

5:56:29 PM    

hade for it.

Dad #44

I visited dad in Great Neck this morning. He was in-between projects and needed some company. The statues and paintings are by the woman he lives with. If you look closely at his pocket, you will see about five-hundred pens. What he needs them for, I can't say, but if you are ever in need of a pen, he is the go-to guy. This was shot at 400 ASA and there is a fair amount of "noise." The lighting is natural - from the window on the left.

I was explaining my technique for getting shots of strangers, that I would walk around like a tourist and do my best at seeming befuddled by the new digital gizmos. Which was when he looked at me and said, "You are quite a faker, aren't you" and laughed.

4:36:07 PM    

My trip to B&H was sort of a bust.  There was a Canon Rep. there and I talked to him a bit about the blackout time on the Pro 1, and he confirmed my feeling that the A75 was actually faster.  He also said that the type II cards, since they are hard drives as opposed to flash memory are actually even slower.  He suggested the Rebel.  I asked whether there was any other type of card (I have a Sandisk 256mb) that would be faster as far as blackout time and he said the Lexar might be 1/10th of a second faster.  So I bought a little LCD hood for $10, and called it a day.

1:47:55 PM