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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

hade for it.

Presidential Trio (Fujicolor 400 / Retouche Plug-In)
I took this about a year ago in the local wax museum.

1:14:33 PM    

hade for it.

Pacifier (Canon A75 / Retouche Plug-In / Severely cropped)
My mind seems to be in the sewer lately.

12:57:28 PM    

Well - finances are getting a bit iffy again - but I'm sticking with my plan for this week and I'm printing up a storm with the HP, both from negatives and a couple of the new A75 shots.  My plan, by the end of the week is to have about 20 new prints (I think I've said this before but now I really mean it) under a separate category called - well, why not: Digital.  I went back and forth about whether the digital (inkjet) prints should be in their own category or not - but for now I'll come down from my Hamlet mood and make a decision.

All those wire grids that I bought for the street sales have turned out to be useful for drying the inkjet prints.  I also discovered a bug in the HP driver - if you say "center image" it chops off about 1/3 of the print.  But you can get around it by telling the windows driver where to place the print.

What else - the Power Retouche plug-in is beyond great.  I've been going through some of my old color stuff and converting them to black and white (man, the old dog has learned some new tricks, sort of).  Some new technological tricks - but the black and white image is still where I want to be (whether it be from a digital camera, a pinhole camera, or whatever comes next).

P.S. Good luck to Steve with his computer Tsuris (yes Steve - you have one dedicated reader).

10:16:03 AM    

Back in May I had ordered some photographs and cards through your web site. And I have to say they look fantastic!  I have been looking at getting some photographs of NYC for my apartment and your pictures are a welcomed addition. 
I finally had the photographs framed and can't wait to put them up on the wall!  My employees at work really liked the cards that I had ordered.
Normally I do not order products on-line from a person or a company that I am not familiar with.  And I had found your web site by typing in some keywords in Yahoo.  I have to say that I am very satisfied with what I received.
I appreciate your work and hope to buy more in the future.  Best of luck to you!  Keep up the good work!

6:43:33 AM