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Thursday, July 08, 2004

hade for it.

T.V. Blurred #2


10:16:45 PM    

hade for it.

T.V. Blurred #1

10:15:08 PM    

Orange Stairs (Canon A75)

Well - still in the fooling around stage with the camera. This is a better rendition of the colors I saw than with many of my film-based shots. The LCD is pretty tough to use in bright sunlight. It's fine indoors, and fine in the shade. I probably should build a little shade for it.

Also, the browser in Photoshop keeps wanting to flip the image -90 degrees since that info is in the cameras metadata.  Don't quite understand that yet.  In other words, I'll save it in PS in portrait mode and when I look at it in the PS browser, it has flipped it 90 degrees.  Huh.

2:24:35 PM    

Johnny #58 (Canon A75)

Johnny is a great supporter of Radio Shack. He does odd jobs for them. Yesterday, when he saw me coming home with the bags from Best Buy - he gave me a very dirty look and said: "Why didn't you get that at Radio Shack. Radio Shack - they're the best."

So here he is in front of his favorite store.

2:19:51 PM