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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Another Door (Canon A75)

9:22:02 PM    

Well folks - at the end of the day I'm all hooked up and my only comment so far is: it is just too easy.  I shot a bunch of pictures, hooked up the card reader and voila a bunch of pictures in Photoshop and the camera in a holder on my belt like a cell phone (welcome to the dark side Dave).

I've got a good feel for where the controls are and for a pocket camera it's got most of the features I need - even has a real focus lock where you can lock on something, hit a button and it stays locked.

Lots of white balancing modes and you can set and do your own off a card if you want.  Blah, blah, blah... all the usual stuff.

I can't imagine that it will change my shooting style much - or that I'll make bettter pictures with it - but you never know and it is less labor.

I just need to keep the card reader someplace where the cat doesn't spit up on it (he likes to christen all my new equipment with at least one fur ball). 

8:16:44 PM    

I was on my way up to Best Buy to pick up an inkjet cartridge when I remembered that they had a pretty good display of digicams that you could pick up and try...

I picked up and tried about 30 of them.  The EVF (electronic viewfinder) is out.  No way.  It makes my neurons unhappy.

Most of the optical viewfinders were God awful.  And the controls on some of them were downright idiotic (meaning I couldn't figure out how to turn a couple of them on, much less off).

Then I looked at the Canon A80.  Again, I was surprised at how small it was.  The viewfinder is okay, though better than a lot of the other optical viewfinders.  Then I tried out the swivel LCD - I was surprised at how small it seemed to me, and fragile.  I thought I'd break it off the first day.  But the controls (coming from the Canon world) were pretty much where I expected them and the menu system was okay as well.

So then I tried the A75 ($250).  Well, it had a few things I liked - the LCD on the back seem more durable.  Everything else is the same as the A80 except the pixel count which is 3.1 MB.  So - I bought it along with a card reader and a Flash Card (I wanted the II but they only had the I so I bought it just to be able to get going).  And a battery charger.

They wanted to sell me insurance on it for four years.  I don't think so.  If it works out -- I doubt that I would use it for more than a year.

Don't expect any digital camera reviews here - just gripes and likes trickling out as I have the time.  Gripe number 1 - the sales guy dropped it onto the counter. 

Oh - and one other thing: it has black and white LCD mode (among other modes) which is something that I thought might be fun to play with.

2:08:48 PM    

I guess I've been flip-flopping around like Kerry is accused of on the digital front.  The cat woke me at 4 a.m. and I sat down at the computer to read some more reviews and had pretty much settled on the powershot A80.  Then I went back to sleep.  By the time I woke up I was re-reading the Digital Rebel review.  The dilemma seems to be that by the time you get into the non-frustrating Digicam price range, you are getting close to the Rebel price range.  I guess I'm beyond advice at this point.  It was funny - I began looking at the lower end A60 - then moved to the A70 and then noticed the swiveling screen on the A80 (not to mention more of those pixels) and then memory cards, battery charger, and a few other items and I was at about $500. 

I had a friend a while back who was into stereo equipment.  He kept reading reviews, and refused to buy anything because there was always something better just on the horizon.  So all he did was read reviews and go to equipment shows - but he never actually bought anything for the five years we knew each other.  I remember thinking what an idiot he was - and now find myself in the same boat to the 10th power.

Anyway - in the meantime - a bunch of orders for notecards came in.  Won't make me rich, but pays for a couple of lunches.

11:29:57 AM    

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