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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

I guess I'm going backwards and fowards at the same time.  On the one hand, I'm still discovering things about chemical processing. On the other, I'm spending my free time reading review of digicams and DSLRs at Luminous-Landscape.  I used to look at this site a lot, but forgot about it and was reminded by some kind soul.  And I'm still going back and forth about what D-camera to get my feet wet with.

10:04:54 PM    

Fireworks, Detail - What is fascinating is the almost cosmic detail that was picked up by the 50 mm lens, and the TMAX 100 in HCB110B. And that for the first time, I actually see very nice grays in a high contrast scene (with TMAX). So I guess the developer has something to do with that.  Don't worry, that's about it for fireworks this year.

Above is a small detail from this photograph:


7:35:28 PM    

Fireworks # a19

More Fireworks

4:54:32 PM    

Fireworks # a16

More Fireworks Here

These were shot on expired TMAX 100 and developed in HC110B, according to directions.  The camera was set to f11, and shutter was opened for about 5 seconds.

2:36:16 PM    


1) It is nice to be able to just walk over to Best Buy and pick up inkjet cartridges for the 7960 (I'm actually still on the first set) rather than having to pay for shipping and then wait for delivery and hope I'm around when Fedex arrives (no doorman here).

2) I find that I can put about ten sheets of the heavy Red River card stock in the 7960 tray and it picks them up without a problem (the 1280 gagged on this and I had to feed them in one by one).

3) My last darkroom order is out the door - so I'm going to be able to do two rolls of TMX 100 in HC110 (a combination I've never tried before)

4) All four local 1-hour photo places in my neighborhood have at some point scratched the XP2 and color negs. pretty badly.  So the idea of the convenience of just being able to drop the XP2 off at a local lab - bah to that.  On the other hand, if you are going to really shoot a lot of film, it might make sense - go downtown and get it done properly.  However, I'm wondering - if you have to go downtown already to have it done - maybe you should just shoot traditional b&w to start with and have them do it as well.  Unless, there is something about the quality of the XP2 that you like (and I have to say it does have a nice look to it).

In 35 plus years of small-tank developing, I can't say I've ever actually scratched negatives.  I've done just about everything else to them but generally in the line of experimentation.  The TMAX B&W of the fireworks are drying now and look good.  I screwed up a lot of the color shots (the first roll) because I had mirror lock-up on, and bulb and got confused as to when the bulb was open -- i.e. click once to set the mirror lock-up, then click again for bulb and hold it down, then release.  Also I couldn't time it properly with mirror lock up (you were right River K. it wasn't a good idea).  By the time I put the 2nd roll in which was b&w, I had more of a feel for it.

5) Most of the high-end digicams (non-slr) that I've looked at all have Electronic Viewfinders (which I don't like).  So it is probable that you do end up using the LCD screen a lot.  Which brings up a possible plus-side which is that with an LCD that swivels - it might actually be better for street photography if you want to shoot without bringing the camera to your eye and shooting straight-on.  I wonder whether this will bring a new crop and new style to street photographs?

6) I've been doing great 8 x 10's with the 7960.  I'm pretty much decided that what I'm going to do is have a separate category on the site called simply: Digital Prints.  Giclee is a bit too high handed for my taste, plus it is a pain to have to keep sticking the accent mark in. I am not sure whether to offer the same darkroom print as an 8 x 10 digital or not.  It's that same stupid thing about limited prints.  I'm thinking that a digital print that is also available in a different size as a darkroom print is okay - but who knows.  I'm also toying with the idea of removing the whole "new print" section - and just sticking the new prints (as I've been doing) in the blog - and having more pages on the blog so you can scroll through it and see what I'm up to.  The reason for this is mostly space and confusion of having too many entry points once I put up a whole new gallery for Digital.

So I'd have:

Darkroom Prints - Digital Prints - Notecards and the Blog as the main sections.  Or maybe I'll keep the new section but have the link in the Blog Navigation.

10:36:40 AM    

Kerry - Edwards.  I like that ticket.  I can hear 'em already: "he's a trial lawyer."  Spoken with  venom.  Wasn't Abe Lincoln a trial lawyer?  They don't want any lawyers?  Or is a corporate lawyer better?  Didn't President Bush just get himself a trial lawyer to defend his rights?  I know, the doctor's are all going out of business because of the damned trial lawyers - but I don't see the insurance companies going out of business.  Maybe there could be an iota of reform there - God forbid.

Maybe there shouldn't be any class action suits at all.  Ferget about suing those Enron guys - you're just makin' it tough on business. 

Oh, but he's inexperienced.  Well now, we've been governed by the experienced for quite some time and I don't see them doing such a good job.  You know, in the beginning - there were no professional politicians.  The idea was to have citizen representatives.  But now Edwards will be characterized as inexperienced.  A pretty boy.  You know what - given the state of the electorate - given the rash of reality shows - this is the time for a pretty boy. 

Well - so this is what you'll see: Kerry is a French flip-flopper and not only is he French, but he's a northeastern liberal.  And Edwards is an inexperienced trial-lawyer pretty boy.  I don't expect the debate to go much beyond that.

9:49:30 AM    

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