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Saturday, July 03, 2004

Well, now that I have the card-making process figured out - I'm starting to print new cards (view cards).

But it also brings up something I've been thinking about - yes, the dreaded digital camera surfaces again.  I've always been very happy with the inkjet color printing - that is a no-brainer.  So there's no reason (is there?) to shoot color film just to do some small prints.  I'm not interested in anything larger than say 8 x 10 - so I was wondering if anyone had advice about a small digital camera that I can easily carry around with me for under $500.  I'm looking for something with a good viewfinder - as good as the Elan 7 (which isn't the best in the world); quick response as far as lag time is concerned; USB connection or flash card; 3x optical lens of good quality; ability to lock focus and leave it locked; and can go a long way on a battery charge.

Frankly, there are a lot of cameras that seem to fall into this range so any advice would be welcome.  For example - what do you think of the Canon PowerShot S500 Digital Elph, 5.0 Megapixel? Do any point and shoot digitals fit the bill - or am I going to have to go for one of the SLRs (which I don't want to spend the money on right now). 

If not - I'll just use my second Elan body for color film and wait for digital SLR prices to come down.

11:08:16 PM