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Friday, July 02, 2004

A few more notes about the HP 7960 printer:

1) It prints a full 6 x 9 inch black and white in "best" mode in about 4.5 minutes.  This may seem fast or slow to you, I don't know - but compared to what I was getting from the Epson 1280 this is speedy.

2) I would call the output "cold-toned" to "neutral" but there is a color shift depending on the light source you are viewing it under.  This is a slight purple (and I mean slight) color shift under tungsten light; and absolute cold-toned under daylight.  The shift is much less than with any other inks I've used.

3) When they make a printer with this technology that can do larger prints I will buy it.

4) There is almost no "bronzing."  Again - for all practical purposes there is none when used with their Premium Plus Glossy paper. 

5) This is the only truly "glossy" ink / paper I've used that is archival.

6) I've read reports of banding etc. but haven't experienced any so far.

If you want to try something fascinating, set the printer driver to grayscale as opposed to color - and you know what: there is absolutely no difference in the prints.  In other words, when you are printing a grayscale image in color mode - their driver knows how to translate grayscale to use the appropriate inks.

7) And the results on the Red River Frio #55 Gloss card stock are even better (though not archival) than with the HP Premium Plus paper.  Which is to say, there is no color shift at all, and absolutely no computer generated artifacts of any kind.  There's a setting in their driver for HP Greeting Card stock which works perfectly.

9:15:34 AM