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Thursday, June 24, 2004

Backward Pushups

1:52:00 PM    

Thursday in the Park

1:50:41 PM    

...the prints from the 7960 are nice and dry and look even better.  A couple of points about this printer before I forget; no make that one point: when it first gets going it has a lot of torque so make sure it is on a rock-steady table.  Once it actually starts printing - it is smooth and quiet.

I'm already looking for a cheaper place to get the #59 cartridge (that's the one with three shades of gray and is the one I'm going through very quickly).  Atlex (which I usually use for paper and ink doesn't have that cartridge.)

The point of the printer is that it uses dye which has a denser black but when used with this particular paper (Premium Plus) - you also get glossy and archival.  So just for fun, I looked around and see that this HP paper doesn't actually come in larger sizes (or if it does no one has it) - so right there is one reason you don't have the larger format HP printer with a nice big #59 cartridge.

From the beginning - if you were to go back five years and look at my journal entries, you'd see that I always thought that this type of thing was the solution, i.e. that the printer manufacturer would give you a cartridge or a couple of cartridges with various shades of gray and let them do their testing and get it right, rather than waiting for a third party to do it.  And this is a great solution since the printer can do color as well without making any ink changes.

HP - there's definitely a market for a larger printer - go on: invent. 

- - -

I am definitely planning on going to the Mermaid Parade this Sat.  I'm just debating about the type of film to bring.  I'm really, really tempted to shoot it in color this year (Fuji 800) - something I've never done.  (I think this would be my fourth time there).

Maybe I'll choose based on the weather.  Nice and gloomy (which it may be) I will go with color.  (I don't think I'm ready to shoot color in bright sunlight).  Really sunny - I'll go with HP5 or better yet if I'm feeling rich (which I'm not) - XP2.  And speaking of not feeling rich -- other than sales at the Met (which were fairly dismal for the most part - and as our greatest general said: I will return) - web sales dropped off to zilch the last three weeks or so...  Probably because I spent too much time writing about my display rig for the Met. and drove y'all away.  Oh well...

"Youse'll be back.  On your hands and knees, begging... like my mother" - Okay, what sitcom is that line from whose ancient star died recently and who is the comedian that said it?  [That's my trivia question for the day.]

- - -

Okay, you guessed the sitcom, everyone did - but what's the episode, and who says that line? 

9:41:37 AM