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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

People other people would stand on line for:

"Paul McCartney for sure..."

[Not me.  Not even for John Lennon. ]

"The first was former NPR co-anchor Noah Adams, who was reading from
his book Piano Lessons... the second, much more recent event was also at a B&N store, this time
in Park Slope.  The author was Deborah Copaken Kogan, reading from
and signing copies of her book, Shutterbabe, about her wild and
harrowing years as a photojournalist..."

Okay - but wait a second.  The question isn't really would you stand on line, but how long would you stand on line?  These Clintonites were on line through the night.  I don't think the lines could have been very long for N. Adams or D. Kogan...

Of course to get Paul to sign a book -- that might be a week on line.

Anyway - I hooked myself up with another 120 gig drive (external); and now I'm about to pull the trigger on buying the HP 7960.  Stop me before I do more crazy things.  Again, my rationale is that I'll use it to do small b&w with their inks (glossy paper and 79 year archival); and go back to the 1280 for color, though actually I could use either for color.  Reason: search for perfection.  Gee, what a dumb reason.

2:18:04 PM    

Vintage Baseball

Vintage Swing

10:46:17 AM    

Tremendous hoopla about Clinton's book.  People waiting in line overnight to get an autographed copy.  I don't understand this fascination with Clinton and I have no desire to read the book.  But it did get me to wondering whether there was anyone that I would wait on line to get a glimpse of and here I have to be brutally honest and say that all I could come up with were beautiful women from the silver screen, or even from my own past and they would have to be as I remembered them thirty years ago.

In other words, if the 25 year old Sophia Loren came to town to sign books, I think I would wait all night to catch a glimpse of her, or have her brush against my hand as she signed my book.

So, I don't know what that makes me, but I couldn't come up with any intellectuals, or any politicians that I would wait in line to see.  And while most of my fantasies tended towards beautiful actresses, there were a few males that popped up -- such as John Huston in his prime.  I would love to hear John Houston's voice.

When I was working in film, I did get a chance to sit at a table with Jack Palance, late in his career, and that was thrilling.  But I don't think I would have stood on line to have him sign a book. 

So who would you stand on line - overnight - to have sign a book or catch a glimpse of?  I'm guessing that it is related to your age.  If you are under 18, than Brittney Spears might still be an icon for you.  Julia Roberts?  I did see her a couple of times working on films and it didn't mean much to me. 

I guess every generation has their own sex symbols and I can see standing on line to meet a sex symbol - but a bloated politician -- what do you expect to see?  History?  Do you think you are going to be part of history?  Forget it.  No, give me physical beauty, or let's say physical interest (the craggy John Huston) over political mumbo jumbo any day of the week.

9:38:34 AM