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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Pres. Bush will have a news conference tonight to discuss what's going on in Iraq and I guess the 9/11 commission.   Here's my proposal: if the President can get through the conference without using any of the following phrases or words I'll vote for him:

God ( 1 )
Stay the Course ( 1 )
20-20 Hindsight ( Hindsight's easy...  )
Fanatic ( 1 )
That's just politics

That's it.

6:34:13 PM    

Not that this is remotely interesting to all but a few out there, but I have decided to start using the Red River Frio Gloss #55 (pre-scored) stock for future cards, that is dumping the old paste 'em on the Strathmore stock technique.  The Red River cards look just as good and save me a lot of time.  I ordered 150 of them to get started.  (Which means having to change all the card images on the site: ahg).

8:55:24 AM    

I haven't called these notes a "blog" because I don't like the sound of the word.  The "ahg" sound is not music to my ears.  "Ahg" is the sound you make while you are trying to figure out your taxes.

And it so happens, that  "ahg" words, at least no four letter ones that I can think of that get around the "ahg" problem:

CLOG (Honey, the sink is clogged, can you clean it out.  Sir, your arteries are clogged, we'll need to do something about that.  Man, those pistons are clogged...)

FLOG (pretty much outlawed in the British Navy but a big part of Navy punishment for a while.  See: Billy Budd).

SLOG (It was a slog through the rice fields under enemy fire.  We slogged through the mud.  I slogged through my Latin studies).

Now, on the other hand -- Journal -- is a beautiful word.  Le Journal de M. Beckerman.  Starts and ends with a soft sound. Has the French word for day in it.  However, due to marketing considerations, I may change the naming convention from "Journal" to "Blog" because that will be what people look for in the search engines.


- - -


7:30:20 AM    

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