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Monday, April 12, 2004

Oh, if you could see my apartment right now: a whirlwind has struck.  So many things are going on its not funny:

1) Two design firms interested in photographs

2) Get scans ready for play publicity

3) Seven orders sitting the inbox to be done

4) Portfolio came for my "outdoor" exhibit, and I need to figure out if it is going to do the trick or not.

5) Purchasing decisions.  I'm pretty sure that my digital plan is as follows:

#55 Glossy Red River card stock for all future cards

Continue with Colorlife paper for other inkjet prints.

Continue with 1280.

Keep using Epson Cartridges. 

6) Get a hard drive external case so I can pull at big drive out of a second machine that continuously crashes and use it as an external drive for my main machine.

7) Running out of various matting supplies. 

8) Add new prints to prints for sale section.  (These will all be inkjets.  Should I do them larger?  Don't know yet).

9) Try and figure out why I can't click and go to the Google AdSense ads.  No point in having them if you can't click on them since that's how you get paid.

10) Decide if I'm going to need the Dimage 5400 scanner.  I think so.  Ugh. $815.  I've been using the Sprintscan 35/LE which is 1950 ppi and is fine for smaller prints, cards, web etc. -- but no good for an 8 x 12 print.

11) Most important.  Clean the freaking house.  I'm back at the point of chaos where it's getting hard to even find my shoes.

- - -

2:20:27 PM    

In my never ending quest to become solvent (if that's the word, though it sounds more like a word denoting someone who will shortly be dissolved) I am adding Google AdSense to my pages (targeted text ads), thanks to suggestion from r.g. However, so far, the links don't show up for me properly (IE 6 x) and when I click on them, I don't go any where... hmmm.... too sleepy right now to think about it.

ah -- firewall ad blocking was causing the problem... ok now.

Oh, and while I ramble on, let me explain the cause of my rambling: the SONY answering machine has been making high-pitched beep sounds at no discernable intervals, for no discernable reason.

I'm sitting by it now, watching and waiting for it to beep and I can't find the manual, and I don't know what it's up to. But it got me out of bed.

I replace the receiver in the cradle... stare... BEEP.  

And I come back to write this and the damned television just goes on by itself. I'm not kidding and I know that sometimes I make things up here, but this is for real. The t.v. has, for the last week, been going on at various times. I thought I must have rolled onto the remote control and turned it on in my sleep, but it just went on while I was sitting here typing.

It's one of these t.v.s with a built-in VCR and the VCR made a sort of gurgling widget noise -- feed me? -- and then the t.v. popped on to some channel that I wasn't even watching. One of those middle-of-the-night infomercial's -- hold on -- hold on -- what is it for? I don't believe this. They're selling brooms.

Yes my friends, brooms haven't changed much in the last thousand years, but this Sweep-O-Ramic Broom is different. You see, how the bristles create a static electric charge that attracts the dirt?

Well, I don't see it, but I believe it.

There goes the SONY answering machine. BEEP. And now several lights are blinking. Where is that manual.

Hey, the t.v. just turned off.

Wait a second. I just realized something. The t.v. is a SONY as well. Maybe the answering machine is talking to the t.v. or maybe it's the other way around?

I bet that's it. The SONY ANSWERING MACHINE is talking to his Japanese brother across the way. You know how these chips get after a while -- must be bored to death waiting for a call so he decides to watch a bit of the old t.v. Nothing much on but infomercial's and even the answering machine isn't' that bored, and turns the t.v. off.

I'm going to have to keep these guys separated.

- - -

5:00:30 AM    

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