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Thursday, April 01, 2004

Water Pattern

Water Pattern, Central Park Zoo

As far as I can remember, this was shot two years ago during the winter in the Central Park Zoo.  I believe it is water flowing down from a sort of rock sculpture but I could be wrong about that.


9:39:41 PM    

Jim Morrison Grave

Here are the phrases I can make out, looking at the negative:

"Jim, we miss you"

"My only friend the end!!"

"A visit - Jim"

"No one here gets out a live"

"I love you Jim"

And lots of names...

The sentiments are etched, for the most part in the stone near Jim's grave (at least that's how I remember it).

5:56:22 PM    

db- "Is that HP model I mentioned a while back THE ONLY B&W PRINTER THAT
I use an epson 1280 (nee 1270) fitted with a continuous ink system
(inkjetart.com, nomorecarts, about $200), with archival MIS VM ink
(inksupply.com, $70 lasts about 200 8x10s), printed on ilford gallerie. In
sunlight for several years so far without fading, or tint-changing, it is
said to last at least 80-100 yrs. No one has ever complained about prints I
have sold to them. r.


the ink I am using for my inkjet prints is called UT1 (www.inksupply.com)
there is a new ink called UT2 for 1280/890 printers or UT7 for seven ink
epson printers (2200, 4000,..) which should be able to print archival
quality prints on glossy and semiglossy papers. R.V.

- - -

And then I could sell my darkroom equipment -- save on labor costs -- gain space in my apartment -- switch to digital to shoot -- and have a greater selection of photographs to sell.

- - -

As for printing:  the best digital b/w prints, to my eye, are still printed on
matte paper; my own experiments tell me that the only glossy paper that makes a
b/w inkjet come relatively close to a wet print is regular Epson Glossy.  The
catch, of course, is that EG ain't archival.  The somewhat-more-archival stuff
I've played with, for the most part, looks positively awful.  My best
matte-paper prints come close enough to wet-print quality, but they're *not*
the same - and I don't think a b/w inkjet print can really *be* the same, given
the present state of the art.  As someone else opined, the better b/w digital
prints are much closer to photogravure than wet silver, and that's my standard
for printing...

So, don't even think of giving that enlarger the heave-ho!   (I'll assume you
were just idly postulating in public). - B.B.

B -- no I wouldn't give the Zone VI the heave-ho -- although I was going to write that I had and then say April Fools but I thought I might cause some weak hearts out there to go into fibulation.

4:05:20 PM    

Recent mail:

"I don't even like cats, but I love that last cat picture you did." - Mike

"First off the bat: Cat Portrait #13 is one of the most stunning
Buddy-pics I've seen from you.  Living black-and-white, again!" - B.

"You really should look into doing pet portraits on the upper east side.  You are in the perfect place to soak the rich and you should have taken advantage of that a long time ago." - R. J.

"Sorry to hear about the $ situation.  You deserve to be making more than
that.  However, you could live pretty good on that much up here!  Get a nice
little cabin with no plumbing on a few acres.  But, there sure isn't a whole
lot of city shooting to be had.  You can walk all over downtown Fairbanks in
about 3 hours. " - H.

Item 1: Received several black and white prints done with the Epson 2200 and ImageRIP software.  Basically, they are pretty similar to black and white inkjet things I've seen for several years and not, in my opinion the same as RC paper prints, much less fiber paper prints.  But I don't know how much of this is the paper they are printed on which is velvet mat.  But that always seems to be the critical factor.  Is that HP model I mentioned a while back THE ONLY B&W PRINTER THAT DOES ARCHIVAL PRINTS ON GLOSSY OR SEMI-GLOSSY PAPER?

Sorry for the capital letters, I haven't had my coffee yet.

Item 2: One thing I may not have made clear about my financial situation is that last year was the first year that I really didn't have any other source of income other than print sales.  And that to make a 15K profit, that means you have sold about $20K of prints, which is absolutely amazing.  But not enough to live on.  The year before last, I believe I sold about $10K worth of prints, but I had other income sources at that time, i.e. part-time programming now and then.

So, I was in a bad mood -- when I looked at the cold numbers -- but if you step back -- sales have almost doubled each year I've been on the web and if you know the parable about the grains of sand on the beach being doubled for a month... yeah -- right... No I'll be looking for a serious second source of income... no fooling myself this year.

Item 3: Here is music I'm writing for a Civil War movie.  I've decided to write the score first, rather than bother with any details about the script or the dialogue or anything like that.  This scene begins as a quick-cut montage with President Lincoln going to Ford's Theatre; Union Troops sitting around a campfire waiting for battle; and Mary Wilson getting ready to join the Supremes.  I'm still working on fitting these pieces together:

Civil War Theme (MP3)

Oh, I've also decided to do the recording before I know exactly what the chords or the melody are...

Item 4: Hired on to shoot publicity stills for a play on April 10th.  Although I would do this for free, according to my new resolution to be more business-like I asked a minimal fee for my time, and for production expenses. 

7:32:07 AM