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Friday, February 27, 2004



I'm going good now -- discovering old "new" or is it new "old"  things.  This is one of the few shots that I have absolutely no memory taking.  Don't know where, but it was sometime in 2002.

6:25:33 PM    

In case you've been wondering what I'm up to:

I just imported 2500 images into IMatch Catalogue Software -- these are just images that have been scanned with the neg. scanner.  Doesn't include a bunch of other things that have found their way around through the flatbed.  Anyway -- I'm trying to put them into nice little folders, and as I go through them, I do discover some new things, or things I've forgotten to do -- ugh.

One interesting statistic: 2500 scanned negatives

At least 20 times that shot and developed. 

About 85 for sale on the site.  You do the math, I'm numb.  It does show that I am a complete an utter failure when it comes to the economics of photography.

- - -

2:08:54 PM    

Extensis (makers of Portfolio 6) wrote to me to thank me for downloading and trying their product and asked if there were any questions they could help me with.

I wrote back with a specific list of requests that I would hope to see in their next product.

They sent me back a copy of the same e-mail they had originally sent thanking me for... oh whatever.

I did read the spec for Portfolio 7 and they seem to be on the right track, "seem" being the operative word.


Pfui is not an acronym but is the actual spelling of Phooey that is used in the Nero Wolfe books. 

Pfui.  I love it.  I think I'm going to rename my web site: Pfui.com (I wonder if that' taken?)

Oh, it is, by something called Portsmith Fitness and something something club: Pfui.

The other Nero Wolfe phrase that I've added to my vocabulary is Flummery.  You can look it up, but it is comes in handy whenever you forget how to say, Pfui.  Pfui.  Try repeating that whenever your software makers go berzerk and give you something that is half-finished.  Flummery and more flummery.

Flummery: "Meaningless or deceptive language; humbug"

I think I saw quite a bit of that last night during the Democratic debate.

- - -


3:46:44 AM    

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