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Monday, February 23, 2004

Yankee Stadium

Torn Poster #14

You know how it is... something just catches your eye...

5:01:02 PM    

After a lost weekend -- mostly reading Nero Wolfe books and writing music, I'm scanning in some street photogrphy from yesterday.

[ed. Definition of Street Photography: Pictures of strangers taken on the street that everyone says they like and no one wants to buy.]

[Managing Editor: Not exactly correct.  Photographers don't want to sell it because they don't have model releases and the fact that no one wants pictures of strangers on their living room walls doesn't mean they don't like looking at it in books and museums.  Also, it doesn't need to be done on the street.  But it is usually of people who are not known to the photographer.  The stranger aspect is the important feature.  I don't consider the shots of leaves in the rain that Dave has been doing lately to be street photography although they are obviously taken on the street.]

Well, as far as commercial use of the "people shots" is concerned,
lack of a release is an issue, but for private sale and/or exhibition
is concerned, I don't believe it it's a problem.  The hard part is
when some ad agency or the like e-mails you and says they absolutely
love (fill in the blank), and are more than willing to pay (fill in
lots of blanks) for just one-time use, and you have to say "Sorry
folks, I don't have a model release for that one, but..."

I did have that happen once (well, not for that much money). It
bites, but in the heat of the moment one usually doesn't have time to
catch up to the subject and ask, in as non-awkward a manner as can be
managed, "Excuse me, but would you mind signing this?". -- B.


11:33:17 AM    

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