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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

New York, New York

Is there anything more New York than a parking ticket?  And this one, just so elegant on the snowy window.  I think I might make a calendar with just shots of parking tickets and it would sell better than any swimsuit issue of SI.

5:58:11 PM    

After spending about an hour cleaning out the 1280 so that I could make some notecards for an order (4), and thinking about whether I should get a second printer (new) and keep this as a backup -- one question haunts me:

Would I now have two printers to maintain rather than one?  Wouldn't I really just end up keeping the primary (new) printer up to snuff and forget about the secondary one?  And what about ink? Would the spigots (if that's what they are) dry up and clog in the secondary printer?

So there you go -- production.  On the other hand, I really have the cleaning business down and have little q-tips and tweezer etc. at the ready, and once the rollers and parking pad have been wiped up -- it works just fine.

There are 18 little rollers.  When you are printing 4 x 6 cards, you are always using the right six rollers near the parking pad.  It would be interesting if you could fool the printer -- by changing the size of the paper and tell it to use the right six rollers instead which are much cleaner.

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11:42:57 AM