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Thursday, February 12, 2004

I know it's been a long time since I actually added anything new for sale, but I did put up Newstand in Snow today.  If you are keen (what a word) on getting a #1 -- well -- I guess this is the time.

I also made the images smaller.  There were just too many problems with them on pc's with low resolutions.  Also sharpened them up a bit.

7:50:16 PM    

"Hi, Dave I have been to your site quite regularly enjoy your photgraphy very much. I am especially touched by your Bronx collection- they are filled with such depth. Does taking such emotional photos ever get to you?"

Actually, I didn't think that I captured the emotions that I felt about returning to the Bronx.  It's a good question though -- what do I feel when I'm shooting?

To be honest -- well why not be honest -- I am usually concentrating on more technical things while I'm shooting.  I don't mean what focal length or what exposure -- but what is the shot about?  What should be excluded from the frame.  What should be in the center, the left edge -- things like that.

That determines focal length, depth of field etc.

Sometimes I'm thinking -- how can I even take this picture without disturbing the subject. 

And sometimes, when I'm in the zone -- I'm not thinking about anything at all.

Afterwards -- especially recently as I'm going through some sort of re-evaluation of old images -- they do get to me.  I almost always remember, no matter how long ago the shot was taken, what I was feeling or thinking at the time.  That is fascinating since my memory is not very good about other things.

I don't remember names, or birthdays, or even what I was doing in other areas of my life years ago, but I do remember the camera, the lens, and the circumstances of almost every image on the site.


Street Fight

For example: Here I was thinking -- can I shoot this without getting my own face bashed in.  And I was thinking, they are all so involved in what they're doing, they won't notice me -- hopefully.

11:46:23 AM    

WTC Gallery


I don't think that it's an accident that it has taken so long for me to get around to this...

It is depressing to go back through the journal entries. To be honest, since it seems to move from 9-11-01 through the anti-war marches, and to the present, I can't even figure out an appropriate name for this collection.

10:16:03 AM    

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