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Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Now that I'm through the murky technical stuff, I have begun to put words and images together.

This is still very rough, but I'm taking entries from my journals and trying to put them with images, mostly having to do with 9/11 and the protests.

War & Peace

I need to do printing tomorrow, but then I'm going to get back to this section.

- - -

I'm slowly making my way through the 9/11 (War and Peace) section.

Also got to print two new things today: Newsstand in Snow (which was one of my favorites from the last few months) and Run Through Smoke (which is okay, but a little too much like the HCB shot).  I did Newsstand (how many 's's in Newsstand) -- at 6 x 9 -- and for some reason I like it at that size very much.

Did a few other new prints, but Newstand was my favorite.  I think it's the lightbulb in the stand that I like so much, as well as how the snow fall is just slightly mottled and how the distance fades to white...

- - -

- - -

11:37:12 PM    

I realize that the journal has been filled with a lot of "behind the scenes" stuff -- health insurance, IMatch, ITPC, and other stuff that no one really cares about -- but that's what I've been up to lately. 

Status: Health Insurance back in place (four months of phone calls and paperwork and getting the run-around).  This might not be that interesting -- but without insurance -- no way I would be doing this photography full-time: couldn't afford it.

Web Generation: IMatch for managing the text data for the files (very cool).  I've begun to import data from the "for sale" section into the b&w stock photography section.  More to go.  After that, I am going to pull the backstories from the journal and put them into the tiff which are what are used to generate the jpgs you see on the site.

Orders: Behind with one order (sorry).  Today it goes out.

Politics: It's interesting to juxtapose images from the pre-war rallies with what is coming out today (at least to me).

Books: I just discovered Nero Wolfe books (yippee).  Another whole set of good detective stories to go through.

Photography: I asked Johnny, the guy that I buy coffee for every morning if I could take a couple of pictures of him.  Much to my surprise, he said: I was hoping you would ask me that someday.  I love it.  Love it. 

And he broke out with a broad grin.  Then he said: Two more months, right?

He has managed to get me on a schedule where I promise to buy him a CD for every holiday.  Easter is next.  That means that for two months, every time he sees me its going to be: You didn't forget did you?  Rod Stewart -- Volume I.  Volume I, Dave.

Super: The guy who was the super's helper disappeared.  A sign was put on the front door saying, if you see so-and-so, do not let him into the building and call management at once. 

So, there's a big mystery about what he might have done.  No one seems to know.

Party Pictures: They loved them.  I thought they were mediocre, but there were enough good shots so that the happy couple were -- well, happy.

Music: Haven't heard anything from the producer who said he could get the songs to Petty.

Society: I learned from a friend that the newest thing for single women is to give themselves an engagement ring and wear it on the right hand.  I don't know if my friend was making this up or not, but I'll keep my eyes open.

- - -



12:19:55 PM    

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